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Asokenagar, a rural town of West Bengal in India, Ramen has his own small shop of electronic gadgets here and he also used to sell Sim cards and Recharge vouchers of mobile phones, which are in great demand nowadays. In this modern age, everybody is almost acquainted with smart phones, which has become an integral part of human life. Though in a rural town, mostly people are from peasantry class, Ramen expects every year for this month when on the eve of festivals he used to get an opportunity to make extra income out of people’s alacrity to purchase new electronic devices, precisely new handset of cell phones. Unlike previous years, he too is feeling the heat of economic recession as his business is equally not going well. He is pretty anxious and waiting for the potential customers. Suddenly, a group of young girls entered to his shop, asking for mobile sets. Ramen used to sell low price sets, not branded products which are usually of high prices and not easily affordable for the village customers. They want the gadgets which will meet their need, mainly for entertainments, like watching T.V., and downloading songs and movies, playing games and obviously to interact with their own people. They embark to his shop in order to satiate their need according to their permissible purse.

Today morning, when this group of girls entered to his shop, he felt delighted, hoping to earn handful money. The girls are busy talking with themselves, expressing their choices while Ramen is showing them different handsets with the features to entice them. One girl, named Ramala, as she is being addressed by her friends, is making the gesture and influencing others by her evaluation regarding handsets, and all are giving much attention to her command, which evidently denote her distinct status from the rest of the folks. She is newly married and Ramen also acquainted of her. She got married six months back with a person who works in the army and just spending with his wife for nearly a month; he left for his place of work. Ramala’s face is glowing with an aura, making her distinct from the rest of the folk and she is no longer trying to evade her status that she is economically in a better position and only married out of her damsel friends, facilitating her to attain a commanding state among her friends. Frequently being engaged with her branded costly handset, she evidently showing her snobbish state of mind. Little later, she said to Ramen with vexation, “Ramen, why do you still indulge in selling all low cost devices? Why can’t you sell branded products? Those are durable and having many striking features. Look at my hand set. It has unique features and user friendly too.” Ramen humbly replied, “I have little capacity to invest. How can I procure costly handsets? Reputed companies require large capital outlay which I cannot afford.” She retorted, “You people lack ambition. Cannot you dream with higher ambition?” Ramen evidently realized her frame of mind as well her deliberate display of own ego and gravity, as she is now floating in a new design of life.

Suddenly Ramala’s phone buzzed. She attended to her call with haste. Ramen noticed, immediately her face became pale. She lost her consciousness and leaned to one of her friend’s shoulder. They all started to scream and asked Ramen to give some water. Ramen immediately gave them a jug full of water. They started to sprinkle water on her face. Ramen inquired to them what has happened. They are all making a noise from which it could be envisaged about the reason of their fluttering, which is utterly shocking. Ramala’s husband, who is in the army, suddenly expired owing to a cross border firing which abruptly perplexed all. They gradually disappeared taking Ramala on their lap, towards their house. Ramen’s shop suddenly clouded with utter despair. He, few minutes back also thinking of making money, which is the only source of subsistence. But the shocking episode equally made him dismal.

Ramen started to think that, life is like a moving flow in a stream, where the vortex and its spin surprises us owing to its low and high waves within the spinning vortex. An amazing source of energy, which impacted us sometimes with full of enthusiasm and elation, and sometimes, clouded with sheer sadness, stealing the vibes of happiness. Thus, our lives flow on to mingle with infinite energy source, where it is difficult to discriminate eventually the difference of high and low, as it is a never ending fashion to keep the flow on.


Ali Anani 18/11/2016 · #6

A great buzz dear @debasish majumder- your vortex metaphor is quite interesting. Hopes come fast and disappear fast sometimes In few minutes the owner went from hope to despair. It is these testing moments that we need to stabilize. Sharing

Ali Anani 9/10/2016 · #5

#4 I commented on this buzz on LI, but here I want to register my appreciation of the profound comment of @Donna-Luisa Eversley and t thank again dear @debasish majumder for contributing this lovely buzz.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 9/10/2016 · #4

Change happens man to keep costs down and stay in business..but this post is more than it seems. The façade of wealth vanishes quite easily. Thanks for sharing @debasish majumder

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debasish majumder 8/10/2016 · #3

#2 Thank you very much sir David Grinberg for your kind support and appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

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David B. Grinberg 8/10/2016 · #2

Thanks for sharing this inspirational and interesting story @debasish majumder. I'm sharing on the following hives: "Inspiration" and "Bee Inspired". I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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