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There is not a single suicide

All are actually homicide

Have we ever thought?

Who is responsible to create an ambiance?

To trigger one to lose his or her mental balance

Afterwards what an insane do

Should we accuse them of their act as impromptu?

Have we ever seen a born insane

Then why should we accuse one

Who failed to maintain a status-quo with élan?

Is it his or her flaw?

For which they are subjected to our claw

Are not we brazen

To label them as insane

Is it not our lackadaisical trait?

For which suicide being termed as ignominious fret!

How sad it is!

When one conclude his life, unable to handle his crisis

He may be in the brink of despondence

To ignore his crisis, does it justify our prudence?

Across the world

People are opting notion

This might have appeared as emerald

Dedicating themselves with utmost devotion

Never bothered what infamy there are harboring

Humanity is losing its tune, none is inspiring for singing

Causing mayhem to many

Infamy they only breed in agony!


We truly need a sensible sanctuary

Where almighty God can only discard our unpredictable obituary

We born to live and let live

Not to conclude life for few eccentrics hype

Our only intention to create a vibe

Where all can sing a song for humanity with pride.

Joanne Gardocki 17/7/2017 · #1

How true, Debasish, and all the more isolating because it is a difficult topic for discussion. I've often felt this world can shred a soul with malice much the same way a blade cuts the physical body. The problem is soul hurt cannot be seen. Just the act of listening with empathy to another can be very healing. It is my hope that those in need find this light and the gentle hand of caring in their darkness. Is this a personal struggle? For all those who hurt, please remember we are never alone.

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