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Can You Develop a Strengths-Fueled Future?

If you were given the opportunity to create your dream job, do you know what it would look like?  What would you be doing each day that build on your strengths?  Who would you be working with?  Why would you feel proud when you went home each night?

When people come Michelle McQuaid for coaching they're able to easily list off all the things they're not really enjoying about their work, but when we ask them what the job they're longing for looks like we mostly see blank faces.  And when they start to actually think about where they're headed, it's usually focused on bigger, faster and stronger.  But as John F. Kennedy once said, “Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

When it comes to creating a job you love, studies suggest it pays to create a vivid image of what your strengths-fuelled future might look like.  But why is this approach more science than secret?

A growing body of evidence suggests that positive images pull us forward into positive actions. As Professor David Cooperrider—one of the world’s leading researchers in creating positive change—teaches positive images pull us forward into new possibilities that fuel us with hope and put us on the road to finding solutions, helping us to realize we have the power to make things happen.

How does this work? Just the very idea of having the rewards that come from getting something that we’re hoping for is enough to kick-start a cascade of dopamine—our brain’s reward drug—through key neural pathways in the brain that have the power to move us from intention to action.

For example, for decades, the four-minute mile was considered a natural limit for runners. It was unthinkable to go faster. Then English athlete Roger Bannister set himself the impossible goal, started training accordingly, and in May 1954, he shattered this barrier on an Oxford track. Within three years, sixteen other runners had also surpassed this “human” limit. There was no fundamental leap in human evolution. What had changed was their ability to imagine what was possible.

So just how can you get clear on what your strengths-fuelled future looks like?

Firstly, it helps to understand how you’re already using your strengths in ways that are respected and valued in your work.  Think back on those times when you’ve felt really engaged, energized and enjoying what you’re doing at work and you’ll find one or more of your strengths are present in each of these moments.

To get a clearer picture on what your strengths are take the free VIA strengths survey. Created by a team of leading social scientists who scoured the world for ways to identify, measure and develop what is “good” in people, the VIA Survey identifies your character strengths. These positive personality traits reflect what is good (moral), practical (valued outcomes) and authentic (existential) about you.

Now that you’ve discovered your strengths, the next step is to create a strengths-fueled future that allows you to create a career that you truly love. But just how can you figure all of this out? And if you’re a coach, an HR leader or a manager, how can you help others do this at work?

Michelle McQuaid is offering a free workshop “4 Steps to Creating the Confidence & Career You Crave by Deveoping Your Strengths ” on 4th October. This workshop will be packed with tested, practical ways for developing your strengths at work – no matter what your job description is or who you’re currently working for.

During this webinar, you’ll discover a simple 4-step process anyone can fit into their busy schedule to develop your strengths and enjoy your work more:

  • The secret to boosting your confidence and feeling more energized, so you can stop dragging yourself through your workday.
  • How to start doing what you really love and getting what you truly want when it comes to your job (even if you’re afraid to admit what’s been tugging at your heart).
  • The simple way to develop your strengths to create meaning and fulfillmentCan You Develop a Strengths-Fueled Future? in your work, no matter what your job description says or who you’re working for.
  • The evidence-based path to meeting your best possible self and fusing your talents (what you like to do) and your character strengths (how you like to work).

There are two convenient time slots to choose from.

Tuesday, 4th October, 12pm Sydney time
(Monday, 3rd October, 9pm New York time) 


Tuesday, 4th October, 10pm Sydney time

(Tuesday, 4th October, 7am New York time) 

Reserve your seat now in this free workshop.

What could your strengths-fueled future look like?