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Biometric Security, iPhone X and the Privacy Concern

Smartphone savvy people are very excited about Apple's new avatar iPhone X. The Face ID with 3D face sensing and authentication technology of iPhone X makes it very attractive and unique in the market. It can unlock the phone with 3D face recognition. It doesn't (and can't) unlock the phone with a 2D color photograph of the human face. So physical presence is necessary to unlock the phone. That is an advantage of biometric authentication. But how much secure is the biometric template? Can it be hacked? What about the privacy? Several questions surface.

Biometric Security, iPhone X and the Privacy Concern[Photo from iPhone X introduction by Apple in California on September 12, 2017]

How much secure is iPhone X with 3D face ID?

People are very happy, because iPhone X is secure with 3D face recognition. It does not unlock the phone with 2D color image of the human face. Apple gave assuranc