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Biometric Security, iPhone X and the Privacy Concern

Smartphone savvy people are very excited about Apple's new avatar iPhone X. The Face ID with 3D face sensing and authentication technology of iPhone X makes it very attractive and unique in the market. It can unlock the phone with 3D face recognition. It doesn't (and can't) unlock the phone with a 2D color photograph of the human face. So physical presence is necessary to unlock the phone. That is an advantage of biometric authentication. But how much secure is the biometric template? Can it be hacked? What about the privacy? Several questions surface.

Biometric Security, iPhone X and the Privacy Concern[Photo from iPhone X introduction by Apple in California on September 12, 2017]

How much secure is iPhone X with 3D face ID?

People are very happy, because iPhone X is secure with 3D face recognition. It does not unlock the phone with 2D color image of the human face. Apple gave assurance that the phone learns to recognize with and without beard, varied haircuts. But if you have gone too much change in your facial appearance, the phone may fail to recognize.

Can the phone unlock with masked faces?

[WSJ's Joanna Stern put it to the test with masks, costumes and identical triplets]

Extensive reviews are available with mask and heavy makeups. The reviews say that the phone can't unlock with the eyes closed. To unlock one need to close and open the eyes once. That probably serves as a liveness test for the face.

I guess a 3D printed Face model may be able to work

One may use quality 3D shape sensing technology and 3D print the 3D face models. The 3D face models with blinking eyes similar to superior quality dolls may be able to unlock the phone. The blinking eyes may pass the liveness test and unlock the phone.

But there remains some privacy concerns

Apple replied to the question raised regarding security and privacy by an US senator last month. They said that the Face IDs will be securely stored with encryption to protect privacy of the customers' data. If the data are hacked, like earlier data hacks, will the data be safe at the hands of the hackers? Is the privacy protection good enough to save the hacked data from unauthorized use?

Privacy protection of biometrics is most essential

Biometric security system can survive only if the biometric data are privacy protected. It requires a multimodal and multilevel biometric authentication as well as privacy protection. It may take a little bit of more computational processing but it will yield robust security for the precious personal and financial data.

3D facial recognition of iPhone X raises security and privacy issues

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Debesh Choudhury 10/11/2017 · #2

#1 Thanks you so much Phil for sharing and giving the much needed support. Biometrics is a better option but security and privacy protection must be the top priority. The iPhone X is not going to make much effect on the mass due to its price. I hope the Unfluencers.will make more impact on the good citizens of the world.

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Phil Friedman 9/11/2017 · #1

Debesh, someone pointed out to me that fingerprint biometric security was actually stronger than any form of passcode security, even the two-step kind. I pointed out that it might just encourage bad actors to cut off your hands and steal your cell phone. If that is conceivable, imagine the implications of 3D facial recognition.

Good to hear that you will be appearing on a technology podcast with Neil Hughes. I plan to listen in. And BTW, good to see your notice re the Unfluencers (tm) group on LinkedIn. Cheers!

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