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What Are The Kinds of Debts You Can Consolidate?

What Are The Kinds of Debts You Can Consolidate?

At the moment, US is facing over $18 trillion in debt, it is indeed a serious issue for the nation. As per, the average household debt of an American is around $5,785.

Total outstanding US consumer debt is whopping $3.5 trillion and total revolving debt is $929 billion.

Over 39% of all households have some form of credit card debt.

As per the data of Survey of Consumer Finances by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the average credit card debt of US households is $16,050.

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During this survey, significant differences were also noticed as per different age, gender, region, and gender. According to TransUnion, Alaska has the maximum number of residents under credit card debt and Colorado is in the second place.

Individuals between the age group of 45 and 54 years of age have the highest debt i.e. $9,098. Calculating as per the gender, men carry more credit card debt – $7,408 as compared to their female counterparts – $5,250.

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Above paragraphs only dealt with the problems but let us shift our attention towards the solution, this is where ‘Debt Consolidation’ come into the picture.

Are you wondering what this is?

Here are some reasons why you might consider debt consolidation if you are in trouble with debt:

  • It is a manageable solution for people who are bad with money
  • It is a low interest form of debt
  • It eliminates the potential to accumulate more debt

A manageable solution

Poor management of personal finance is one of the ways in which people get into debt. The