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Mirror Images - Poem

Mirror images of the past

Throw around the shadows

That you would cast

Upon frowning lips

Begging to be sown shut

Spewing words gone rotten

And in this hazy plane you're not

Existing or forgotten

The limbo of feelings

Keeps my broken heart

Mirror Images - Poem

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The background:

Although I rather love to share my poems without explanations, there is a lot to say behind these words I've shared.

At a first skim, anyone might come to the conclusion of it being a poem about love and a broken heart. And yes, it may apply to the times guys and family have let me down, but the real meaning is actually quite darker.

I won't go into specifics, but it's actually about being stuck in a very painful memory and having the past inevitably tainting reality and haunting the present, making it difficult to move on and clear up one's mind and heart.

Many of us worry too much about the past, letting it distort our futures because we let ourselves lose control. But I've found that conveying those past pains through any means, facing them and becoming more open and accepting about them is what really helps us let them go.

Hoping this may help someone as much as it helped me, I dedicate this poem of mine to those who're lost in the past.