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Are You A Just Waiting For Things To Happen Or Are You A Doer?

Are You A Just Waiting For Things To Happen Or Are You A Doer?

Are You A Just Waiting For Things To Happen Or Are You A Doer?

The other day I heard a chap on television saying that he was hoping the government would come and save him. My jaw dropped!

This grey haired man has unfortunately not as yet realised that no one, no government, no any body comes and saves us. 

This we do all on our own - if we indeed have the courage to do so.

Hoping that somebody or some authority will rescue us - only leads to disappointment. And disappointment leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anger. And anger often leads to blame. Blame? Because if no one rescues us - the usual response is to find someone or something other than ourselves to blame.

This kind of thinking is destructive. It is passive and it suggests sitting around waiting for things to happen.

The consequences of sitting around means that nothing gets done. If nothing gets done - how can confidence ever be built?

We gain confidence from doing stuff, from realising our capabilities. Sitting around can create the opposite - a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence usually leads to feelings of failure.

Sitting around and waiting to be rescued - means that we fall behind. And we will fall behind those who are doing and those who are not sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Sometimes society needs to create safety nets that help us - but not safety nets that become hammocks.

So are you waiting around for something to happen or are you doing something to make your life worthwhile?

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