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When You Get Offered A New Opportunity, What Choices Do You Make?

When You Get Offered A New Opportunity, What Choices Do You Make?

When You Get Offered A New Opportunity, What Choices Do You Make?

When someone offers you a new opportunity, you are then forced to make some choices:

You can either turn down the opportunity, with thanks,


You can accept the opportunity, with thanks.

But, if you accept the opportunity, do you

a) Thoroughly research what is required, 


b) Do you sit back and hope for the best?

And do you,

a) Make sure that what you produce is your best work ever,


b) Do you get lazy, hoping that someone else will show you how it's done?

What is usually your choice – a or b?

When we take on new work, it's usually quite acceptable to ask questions about the project, assignment or position.

Sometimes, we may even have to do a bit of research with regards how others have done it in the past, what's acceptable and so on. This usually helps us create good work.

And on the other hand, by doing a bit of research, it may even help us stand out - so that we don't just repeat what's been done before.

However, if your choice is usually b, then it may be worth noting that asking questions or getting help is one thing, but crossing your fingers and just hoping for the best, and then also producing sloppy work, is another.

Sloppy or unprofessional work often carries with it, an annoying unconscious hope that someone else will rescue you and show you how it's done. Or indeed, you may even hope someone else will do all your work for you.

But we all know from Karpman’s Drama Triangle (the victim, rescuer, persecutor), that when anyone starts hoping to be rescued, consciously or unconsciously, it can push others away - usually because it leads to people feeling resentful as they begin to feel that their time is being taken for granted.

And sadly, this may also stop people from offering you new opportunities.

This is why it is so important to become aware of our behaviour patterns.

If you are inclined to head down the b route, then it may be worth your while finding out why. You may be disempowering yourself unnecessarily. You may be disempowering without realising why.

Socrates once said, " Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards."

Often, how we behave or the choices we make - are as a result of a few bad habits. But habits can be broken.

But what has your experience been?

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