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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes To Avoid In Your Dream Home

Florida. Who would not love to live in this US state? The sunny days, the mild winters, the amusement parks, rolling golf courses, the unspoiled beaches, the mouthwatering food, and the easygoing lifestyle -- all of them make the Sunshine State truly incredible. It is hardly surprising that people yearn to have a place of their own in this paradise. Consider yourself blessed if you own a parcel of land in the Sunshine State. You must be longing to build the home of your dreams and see it take form right in front of your eyes. However, you cannot manage every aspect of the building process yourself, such as the design of the bedroom. It is wiser to consult a few reputed home builders in Florida, who have decades of experience in planning new homes. They would come up with a suitable layout for your bedroom by keeping these seven bedroom design factors in mind :

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes To Avoid In Your Dream Home

1. Size and Measurements

While planning their bedrooms, homeowners often forget to include furniture in their measurements. You need to plan your bedroom in a way so that it does not look jarring to your eyes. The pieces that take too much space will make your bedroom look small. For example, you will face problem moving about the room if you place an oversized bed in a small space. There is no logic in using a large bed if you knock into walls or furniture while moving inside. For your kid’s bedroom, choose a bunk bed or something that measures 54 inches by 75 inches. Keep these factors in mind while designing the layout of your bedroom.

When it comes to measurements, focus on the ceiling height, which should be approximately 72 inches, where you place the bed. This is more applicable for homes with a slanting roof. You need to have adequate space to move to your bed.

2. Unwanted Acoustics

While planning the layout of your bedroom, it’s important to consider both space and acoustics. If there is a wall dividing your resting place from the entertainment room, avoid placing the bed right against the wall. Look at the plan carefully to determine whether the study desk faces the hallway or not. If yes, you will be inviting a lot of unwanted noise from a high-traffic passage. The idea is to take a closer look at the key areas of the bedroom to avoid undesired noise. The bedroom is that place where you want to sleep peacefully or read a book quietly. So, avoid design that invites unwanted sound in your bedroom.

3. Bedroom View

When you wake up first thing in the morning and look out of your bedroom windows, you should get a fantastic view of your front garden or patio with potted shrubs. Therefore, you may wish to install floor-to-ceiling windows, especially