5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Sales People

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Sales PeopleWhy do employers have such a difficult time in attracting and hiring top Sales People that are a good ‘fit’ for their role? Manpower’s Survey of “The Top Ten Hardest Jobs to Fill” reports Sales Representatives as the third hardest job to hire for, which has consistently been high on this annual list;


If you’ve found yourself making the same hiring mistakes for Sales People over and over again perhaps it’s time to take a deeper look at your own recruitment process, interviewing practices and your knowledge of Business to Business sales to assess where you may be going wrong. Here are 5 Key Questions to consider to avoid hiring the wrong Sales Person for your particular role, and increasing your chances for mutual success:

1. Are you requiring a Sales Person to develop net new business from their direct prospecting activities (cold-calling, networking, social media, etc.), or to generate additional opportunities and revenue from existing customers? This is probably the most important distinction you need to make right at the start of your process as everything else in the recruitment / hiring cycle depends on its answer.

Typically referred to as “Hunters” or “Farmers”, both sales roles are complementary to each other and very valuable. The Hunter is just that; a professional Sales Person who focuses on establishing new business relationships based upon the business challenges that they uncover, and then proceeding to create customized proposals that align their solution(s) to effectively address the prospect’s particular challenges. A Hunter does not like getting ‘bogged down’ in day to day administrative issues, nor routine customer service. They live for the ‘hunt’, and once a sale is completed they gently migrate the relationship to an Account Manager to go on to their next target. An Account Manager is NOT a fit for this role, and