Don't Bail Too Early, Stay The Course

Don't Bail Too Early, Stay The CourseOne of the most challenging issues I encounter with new clients with little to no sales experience is setting proper expectations at the onset.

New business development takes time.  Much of my early relationship building with new clients is educating them on this fact. Identifying their target market, creating their new and unique messaging (typically leveraging Case Studies that I write for them), and then initiating the actual Prospecting Cycle itself takes time.

Count on at least 90 days ramp-up, and then a minimum of a 6-month commitment to realize new, qualified opportunities.

I explain that if they pull the plug too early, say two or three months in, they will only lose their investment they have made thus far in a newly developed Sales Pipeline.


And without a relevant and current Sales Pipeline, they will not gain new sales.

Don’t get yourself in a position of having no new business to work on because you didn’t keep your Pipeline current and active in the first place. 

I’ve summarized here some of my previous articles that speak to the danger of pulling the plug too early because of knee-jerk reactions and panic. Hopefully they will help prevent you from flushing your new business development efforts down the drain…

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Stay the course. It takes on average of at least 6 - 8 touches, sometimes up to 10 for large ticket opportunities, to get your prospect’s attention in an intelligent man