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Healing America After Division

Healing America After DivisionDear Americans;

It’s been of great concern to the World watching the United States become the Divided States.

As you know, many of your Allies have pulled back from you and disputed the politically motivated tariffs that have been imposed on us. We’re not sure if America really has good will towards the rest of the World anymore.

I was speaking with my good friend Jim Murray on Monday about this. His sister offered a very insightful observation about the status of America and what needs to be rediscovered even before Trump is voted out and / or impeached.

And it is something you can do starting now. It won’t be easy, but if you are to restore your country to being a trusted Ally and friend to the World again, you need to begin immediately.

It is establishing your National Identity as AMERICANS again.

No more Partisan fighting. No more tribal mentality. No more racism.

I will never say that Canada is perfect. We are not even in a long shot position. We have racism here too, especially to our Indigenous Peoples to whom several of our Prime Ministers have apologized and offered compensation for how they were treated. 

No amount of money can make up the inhumanity of Residential Schools, ripping children away from their families and culture.

Sound familiar?

But I do know one thing for a fact as I have lived all over Canada: Canadian DO have a National Identity. 

We are Canadians.

Yes, we have divisive politics here too, like the Trump wannabe Doug Ford in Ontario.

But at the end of the day, we are all Canadians. We all agree to that.

Don Lemon did a great thing by responding succinctly and intelligently to Trump’s racist criticism of himself and LeBron. He hit the nail on the head;

"He divides by race and tries to conquer decency by smearing and besmirching the truth and the people who fight to uphold it," Lemon said. "Is he revealing who we really are?"

You have to return to who you REALLY are. I have lived all over Canada, from Montreal to Kelowna B.C. I've visited the East Coast many times as well where I have family.

And yes, people in Edmonton hate people from Toronto. As they do in Quebec (that old anglophone / francophone thing).

However, there is a common theme across our country. We Are Canadians first. And we will work out any regional differences for the greater good of Canada.

America needs to adopt this way of thinking now. No waiting. Because if you can’t unite your country, you will never be great again.

Just Alone.

And the World doesn’t want to see that happen.

You are our friends, but you’ve got to get over your petty differences, especially racism. It will become easier once you vote out that orange buffoon.

LeBron James did a remarkable thing for his community. Don Lemon provided him an excellent interview. Dan Rather speaks out publicly about his concern for America. Robert DeNiro of course has no problem speaking his mind (I would not want that dude mad at me!).

Your recovery has begun. Keep going. Maybe a beer company can do a commercial like this one for Americans…. Get you all back on the same page for the greater good of your country.

About the Author:

Denise M. Barry is an Entrepreneurial Sales Leader who is passionate about New Business Development.

From practicing Consultative Sales for over 26 years, Denise is convinced it is a Methodology that successfully spans multiple industries as the ‘steps’ are the same regardless of what the product or solution is. She has been very fortunate to have had opportunities to mentor and coach many new Sales Leaders in Consultative Sales over her Career.

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Ian Weinberg 10/8/2018 · #7

Perhaps you'll permit some words from a guy living on the Dark Continent of Africa (referred to as a 'shit-hole' by Trump). My connections with the US include the following: A brother in California, close friends in Miami and Atlanta and finally I am a preferred neurosurgical provider for the Southern Baptist Missionaries working across the Dark Continent. This is a very important and timely post. I don't believe that Trump is the primary divisive influence. He is indeed the wrecking machine that can be equated to the catalyst of a chemical reaction that is being heated up in the crucible. But the US fracture lines have always been there - North and South, wealthy and poor, inclusive and exclusive, Black, White and Other as well as the multi-cultural society with the full mix of religions. The time now arises where the US needs to confront its demons and the stark choice is clear - To commence an honest non-judgemental dialogue unadulterated by fake news, political correctness, political interference and bigotry, for the sake of establishing the common national identity as described in this post or alternatively, to break up into a disunited and mutually conflicting disarray. I personally have faith in the greatness of the US and its abundance of resources, both material and humanistic. But for the center to hold and so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, non-partisan, non-governmental structures need to be established across the land to facilitate a dialogue (with its own bias-free media) which creates the awareness of the current dynamic and what it will take to establish a more beneficial interaction (for all) and consequently, achieve a sustaining national identity.

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Phil Friedman 10/8/2018 · #4

As a U.S. ex-pat living in self-imposed exile in Canada fro 15 years, I came to understand something abiut the Canadian psyche, namely, that a thread of basic humanity and decency is inextricably intertwined with it. Which is why, for rxample, when the world (including GB) turned its back on refugee Ugandans holding British passports, Canada opened its door to them. Most citizens if the US used to feel that way. We cared about the under-dog and thought it natural that immigrants would want to live and make a life in the US. And only when we can recapture that spirit will we be drawn together again and kick iut of office those who would introduce fascism here. Cheers, Denise, from south if the 49th.


Excellent post, @Denise M Barry. I love this Molson Canadian video too

Denise M Barry 9/8/2018 · #2

#1 Thanks so much Jim. They have to vote him out! Don't you love the commercial, Joe from Canada???

Jim Murray 9/8/2018 · #1

Good Post. Needed to be said for sure.

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