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Outsource Sales?? We’d Never Do It!

Outsource Sales?? We’d Never Do It!

But have you stopped to consider what exactly it is you are requiring? Is it the Sales Results, or a Sales Person? Both do not automatically go together.

The role of "Hunter" in New Business Development is the hardest to fill.

Many companies require a Senior Business Development Specialist but can't afford or do not want to pay the $100K+ salary that typically goes along with it. Or they end up, time and time again, hiring an Account Manager (“Farmer”) by mistake because they don't fully understand the difference between these two roles.

Sometimes hiring Sales People and putting them through your training process, which may be flawed and outdated, can actually impair the Professional Sales Person who may have successfully practiced another versatile methodology such as Consultative Sales for years.

Understanding why they are successful without trying to fit them into your ‘mold’ may bring greater results as you benefit from their practical experience and agility as they adapt their approach to fulfill your New Business Development requirements. So again, ask yourself: is it the Results or the ‘body’ that you want?

Outsourcing New Business Development Sales has many benefits resulting in a lessened amount of 'risk' and costs. For example;

1. As the Professional Sales Consultant is not an employee, no HR or Health benefits, or other contributions such as Pension, RRSP, etc. need be made on their behalf.

2. Typically a Professional Sales Consultant will work remotely from their own office setting except when attending Client meetings so no real estate in your office is needed.

3. As they are independent Professionals they will usually supply all their own equipment, hence no laptops, cell phones, etc. need to be provided. What is important is granting them access to your company network, appropriate applications, providing business cards, etc. so that their status is transparent to Prospects and Clients.

4. As they are not a full-time employee many Professional Sales Consultants only require a 30-day notice period, so there is no risk of hefty severance packages. You would mutually create a Contract of Services, Expectations, Hours Required (full-time or part-time), and Timelines / Benchmarks along with their Fees and Commission structure when the New Clients are transitioned to implementation.

5. As they are Professionals who already practice a successful methodology they would typically only require minimal training on your solutions and orientation with your company. They are Professionals who do not need hand-holding to get up and running on understanding the ‘pain’ your solutions address. Do you really need to train already successful Professional Sales People again, or perhaps just provide them the tools and internal support they need? Is it more of a ‘cultural’ objective you are trying to accomplish by putting all new Sales People through the same training, and is it really effective? Have you analyzed your churn rate? Again, is it the Results you want, or the headcount?

Some tough but insightful questions to ask, especially if you have always done it one way. The Hunter role is the hardest to hire for, and the riskiest. Perhaps this may be a new and innovative option for you to consider before automatically hiring for your next Sales role.

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