Denise Lewis en Hilton Worldwide Night auditor 11/2/2019 · 1 min de lectura · ~10

Desk jobs anywhere???

I have been actively searching for a job since November, 2018. So far I have had a few job offers but was not by any means close to wait I would want to do for a living. I just dont understand why it is so hard finding work in the clerical field?! I have had positions offered to me from every direction but in the cleaning/janitorial field. I mean I dont want to clean all day for a living and then come home just to have to clean my house. Just give me a desk job. Why is a desk job so hard to come by? I had the perfect job at Hampton Inn. The only downside to that job was the hours I had to work. 11pm to 7am Sunday thru Thursday. I literally had no time with my family unless being with them asleep on the couch counter. I just want my final retire worthy career! Several occasions I thought I was well on my path to that final career but low and behold I was done wrong or I chose to keep it moving forward. When I say keeping it moving forward I mean keep the options open one that will give me every thing I want in a job and then some and not stopping until.