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Future Mapping

Not that many methods can amaze me but Future Mapping is something else, so allow me to share.

What is Future Mapping?

"Future Mapping" is a remarkable new technology for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. It involves a map with six areas to create an action scenario to achieve your goal

… far more advanced than current methods …

… reverses existing ideas on goal achievement …

turns thoughts into concrete action plans

Because it is far more advanced than current methods, Future Mapping very well could be called "a method to create reality."

Future Mapping was developed by Paul Scheele, PhD., Learning Strategies Co-Founder, and Masanori Kanda, a bestselling author who has sold over 2.5 million books in Japan.

Through his business trainings, Masanori analyzed what went well and what did not go well with 4,000 managers and entrepreneurs over a 10-year period. The thought processes of successful cases were boiled down to a chart, which gave birth to Future Mapping, a brand new method to lead you to your ideal future.

When you want to test Future Mapping free of charge you can get a Free Pass here. It will be available online during a six day MindFest starting October 2

Future Mapping is different from other methods in two significant ways and the first one got all my attention:

1) You will use the unexpected power of altruism, which is an "unselfish regard for the welfare of others." Using altruism, your own self-interest, and all of the baggage that comes with it, drops away. Suddenly hidden resources within you begin to surface in ways that can truly surprise you.

2) You will capture conscious and nonconscious thoughts together in a unique Future Mapping chart to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind. Limiting beliefs, fears, and resistance are simply not part of the equation.

Future Mapping

You can use Future Mapping to create a business plan, write a book, solve a conflict, negotiate a sales agreement, tackle a home improvement project, find a solution to a software issue…the applications are truly unlimited.

Future Mapping works regardless of differences in culture, ages, languages, personal background, and professional background. What you will learn in this course is very powerful and will help you release miracles in your life.

"Future Mapping is like opening a secret chamber to your inner genius," says Paul. "Once you draw a Future Mapping chart, you don't have to work hard to achieve your goal. The process spontaneously motivates you in new and wonderful ways to achieve your end result."

During the Future Mapping Mindfest you'll come to understand how you can easily apply it to every aspect of life.

You can get your Free Pass here now.

Hope you enjoy