Top Customer Experience Influencers: Their Thoughts on CX

Their Thoughts on Customer Experience Management and Trends in 2020. What brings you in the world of customer experience and what you will gain at the end of day?

Top Customer Experience Influencers: Their Thoughts on CX

The world gets scary and exciting as you step inside customer experience. With various questions arising, you ought to get the answers, as the beginning is still unknown.

Taking steps in a new world always haunts from back. So, someone should always be there to look upon every step you take and guide accordingly. Thanks to this dynamically changing world where one could easily find and connect to influential figures around the globe.

“There is always a first time” – Once upon they also stood their baby steps in the customer experience world and found some more eligible person which can guide them throughout their journey, which helped them to rise and now they are the most influential figure in this 21st  century.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 customer experience strategists, thinkers and influencers; understand their thoughts on customer experience management trends that they foresee in 2020

Shep Hyken

“To the customer, you are the company”

Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentation. His experience in customer service is inimitable. He has a helping hand in hundreds of business. Best known for creating amazing clients and employee experience. 

Being a public speaker, his enthusiasm, energy and inspiring thoughts makes him the most sought after influencers. Some of the books written by him is also the best-seller on New York Times, USA Today, WSJ and some more renowned agencies.

One of the latest books by him namely – “The Convenience Revolution”, provides a great measures for the result in the higher sales and to make your organisation stands away from the crowd. It contains 6 strategies and various examples to build a customer service performance.

His Thoughts on Personalized Customer Experience

“As it applies to personalized experiences, the experience will be getting more and more personalized. Companies will be able to move away from personas (just a few buckets of like-minded or similar customers to truly individualizing the experience. The company needs permission to go this deep – and then they can’t abuse the privilege.

AI will continue to get better and you’ll see a shift in the customer support world to AI helping the agent versus the customer.

Convenience will be enhanced by better self-service options.

Video will become even more powerful. It will showcase a company’s products and services, help with support through tutorials and more’.

As per comment on Anuj’s Linked In Post (Co Founder and CTO at Syncrasy)

Blake Morgan

“When we focus on money, we repel money. We have to focus on delivering values”

One of the best and passionate CX futurists who rocks the sensation of customer experience by her influential thoughts. Being an author and renowned speaker she also delivers video series so clear the vision of tech solution to impact the future experience.

One of her books namely More and More is a gem for business managers. This book focuses to turn the customer service strategy and start providing the real essence of customer experience.

One of the best thoughts she shared about future customer experience –

“Technology can fix the mundane customer issues so companies can focus on high touch customer experiences. When people tell me they’re afraid of the looming AI revolution, I wonder if they enjoy the many ways customer experiences are inefficient today.

We need thoughtful, conscientious people leading technology strategies – and that way we can ensure we won’t have a robot take-over, but leverage technology to make people’s lives easier and better.”

Nate Brown

“Customer experience is people being intentional about making other people’s lives easier and better.”

Co-Founder CX Accelerator and director of customer service experience at UL EHSS. He is a strong believer in happy customers can make the business world go round the globe.

He is a great writer of CX disciplines, customer program, journey mapping and many more. All he focuses on the employees to understand the journey of the customers. His success story is an inspiration in this customer experience world.

His views on customer experience which set a milestone in this field:

“Customer experience is a hard field to approach from outside. A safe place was needed to help new CX professionals get the “lay of the land” and connect with wonderful people who can act as a guide. CX Accelerator has achieved this objective and so much more! It’s been such a thrilling community so far and we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve”

Annette Franz

“Customer experience isn’t the next anything. It’s the here and now; it’s the current battlefield.”

CEO and Founder of CX Journey. Her vast and enormous experience in customer experience puts her on the mouth of every influencer of customer service. She is a believer that customer experience is a journey that never stops. So she named her blog as CX Journey.

With 25 years of vast experience, she spends most of the time in study and analysing different companies with their employees to apply their experience and knowledge for a better customer experience.

Her thoughts on customer experience:

“What’s crazy to me is that we are all humans! (At least, most days I think we are!) And we are all customers! So what happens when we walk into the doors of our employers’ offices? What happens when we cross that threshold from not yet clocked in on the clock? Do we forget that we’re all humans? Do we forget that we’re customers, too? Do we get dragged down by the corporate culture we work in day in and day out? Does that culture suck the empathetic life out of us? How can we treat each other so poorly?! There’s really no excuse that ever makes it OK to not deliver a great customer experience to the customer in front of you.’

Adam Toporek

“It is not enough to make sure your team is empowered, you also have to make sure they feel empowered.”

A CX expert and frontline trainer who trains the art of customer service to various organisations and companies. It’s his strong believe that – “Customer Experience is the core of any company’s success”.

The Book written by him namely “Be Your Customer’s Hero” focuses on the customer service skills. He is also the host of “Crack the customer code” podcast. He has valuable CX insights from top entrepreneurs and leading businessmen.

His thoughts on how to provide a great customer experience: 

“Great customer experiences begin with a great attitude, but so does satisfaction and happiness at work. Attitude certainly isn’t everything; skills and competence do matter. However, without a great attitude, these attributes are almost meaningless. Your attitude will determine your ability to serve customers, your ability to inspire others, and your ability to work your way up in your organization.”