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Four Reasons to Consider Providing First Aid Training to Your Employees

Four Reasons to Consider Providing First Aid Training to Your Employees

After payroll, inventory management, human resources, and marketing, first aid training for your employees is most likely the last thing on any employer’s mind. That doesn't mean that it should stay in the background; however, having a staff that is trained in basic safety and first aid is critical to a safe and secure workplace.

First aid training is not without its costs. The cost of not training your employees, however, could be even higher. A 2016 study found out that workplace-related injuries cost employers nearly $62 billion a year, which is higher than the Gross Domestic Product of 91 countries.

Beyond the financial aspect of making sure your staff is trained to respond in the case of an emergency, what are some other reasons to do so?

You Will Reduce Workplace Accidents

Not every accident is preventable, but a basic understanding of first aid not only helps in response to an accident, but also to prevent accidents as well. The employee is naturally more aware of the everyday hazards that can be present in the workplace, thus ensuring that routine tasks don't turn into a dangerous situation. In the event that cost does prohibit in-person first aid training, consider putting your employees through a first aid course through different means, such as receiving an ACLS certification online.

You Will Improve Morale

A workforce that feels like their company cares about and appreciates their employees is pivotal to that company's bottom line, according to a 2010 study from Hewitt Associates. Employees that had high levels of engagement (65% or greater satisfaction rate) returned an average of 19% more return for their shareholders, contrasted with companies who had low levels of engagement (lower than 40%) that had a return 44% lower than average.

How does this fit in with first aid? Simply put, a company that invests in their employees sends a signal that they care not just about their profit margins, but about who they are as a person, and investing in first aid training to keep their employees safe is one of the easiest ways to communicate that idea.

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