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From Short and Chic to Long and Luxurious: Fab Hair For All Occasions

From Short and Chic to Long and Luxurious: Fab Hair For All Occasions

Few things brighten an outlook or provides perfect polish quite like a good hair day. While finding time to style a bouncy blowout or get that pixie cut trimmed can be a challenge, products and tools out there can help you achieve the stylish swingy 'do you crave.

Products Count

Finding products that best match your hair texture is the foundation of good hair. Have fine hair? Look for shampoo that clarifies, with keywords like "weightless" and "bodybuilding" Is your hair coarse, thick and full? Shampoo and conditioner that hydrate and fight frizz will smooth and bring shine to your mane. Color-treated hair requires products that bolster, not diminish, that hue. Look for labels that add shine, boost depth and hydrate chemically-treated hair as best bets for maintaining the gorgeous glow that the perfect color provides.

Finding the right styling products and finishing spray are also crucial. Women with straight hair should look for serums and sprays that create glossy hair. Those with curls need products that add bounce, lock in curls and tame fuzzies. Many drugstore brands are indistinguishable from the competition and have all the same ingredients.

Using The Right Tools

If great products are the foundation of good hair, using the right tools is the structure, the critical component to ensuring your hair looks healthy, full and stylish. Hair dryers that provide ionic charge will help decrease drying time and be less damaging to hair, especially those made with ceramic and tourmaline. Hair dryers can range in price from very affordable to quite pricy, but there are a variety of affordable options that heat quickly and speed the drying process. No matter the hair dryer that works best for you, heat protection products preserve color and shine, and reduce damage over time.

Curling Irons

In search of a professional curling iron to add body? Consider the size of the iron and the type of curl you need. Smaller irons provide tighter ringlets, while larger barrels are best for adding body and bending tips. Medium-sized barrels, like 1.5 inch curling irons, are ideal for creating beachy waves or la