How to plan a Budget trip to Fiji

Fiji is considered as a natural Paradise for the travellers who are looking for some off beaten tracks and destination which are still alienated from the world. Fiji is a group of islands of which some 333 islands are big and some 500 small islets. most of the islets are inhabitable. Because they sink during night time and rises in the Day. This scientific phenomenon is called sea tides. a common misconception among the people is that Fiji is beyond their budget. Though there are certain places in Fiji which are as expensive as a London shopping mall and few places are as cheap as Thailand and Cambodia. Your travelling knowledge and budget management skill have a greater role to play there. so without further ado let's see how you can manage a cheap Fiji vacations.

How to plan a Budget trip to Fiji

When you are going to Fiji on a tight budget don't try to Visit every island. You don't need to visit each island to get the real Fijian Experience because there is a landing fee of 70 FJD for each person. Choose a second place which is cheap and don't have many tourists. Because in the highly crowded areas you can have all the things at a much higher Price when compared to others.

Travel Mapping

Fiji is a cluster of islands you often get confused if you decide where to visit after reaching there. Plan your journey before you reach there and mark it on the travelling Map so that you can have a planned trip. The distance between the islands are very small don't try to be on the cruise or an aeroplane. Hire a private boat which is far cheaper and let you enjoy the Fijian Water.

Flight to Fiji

Fiji airway is the Cheapest Airlines which will take you there. There is other service to buy they are charging the Luxury, So in a Budget travel, you cannot expect the Luxury. You can take the Fijian airways for the Australia, California, Singapore and from a few small countries. If you don't get a Fijian Airways don't worry take an indirect flight which has many stoppages that will cost you far less.

Accommodation in Fiji

Fiji has many expensive and cheap accommodation Places, The Famous places like Nadi and Suva Are the Islands where you can have the most expensive say. Never try to book a resort which has a complete island like Redison. Go to the hostels or rent a place which is quite affordable and helps you save money. Islands which have various hotels and resort you can also choose them and Bargain If you have the Bargaining skill.