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Ok to Share This to Help Your Loved One

I created this poster for a family member because I knew last hospitalization, the staff mistook his inability to hear as being confused, having a memory loss or dementia. I posted this above their bed to ensure their safety. I have since distributed it to local hospitals. Please share to help your family member. I can send you a short in-service (5 minute) if you know of any medical professional who also might want to teach their staff.

Patient Has a Hearing LossHOH*

(normally wears hearing aids)

Helpful Hints for Medical Team:

·Face the patient when speaking to him/her.

·Get her/his attention so he knows that you are speaking to him/her.

·Speak loudly and Slowly.

·Enunciate as much as possible.

·Reduce background noise. If TV on, lower volume so patient can hear you.

·Do Not talk through or around walls to patient.

·Patient has high frequency hearing loss, which means that he/she has difficulty with high pitches (women’s voices) and consonants. 

If she/he does not respond correctly, ask her/him to repeat what you asked to confirm that he understood you.

·____He/She  is not wearing his hearing aids so they are not accidentally misplaced.

·___ He/She is wearing hearing aids but still follow advice above.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Ok to share this poster with friends, co-workers, retirement facilities, hospitals, etc. Hang it over their bed and/or on the door entering their room.Thank you so much for reading and contact me if I may assist in anyway.

*HOH – hard of hearing

Childs photo courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net created by David Castillo Dominica.

HOH picture courtesy of ClipArt.

written by Diane M. Schultz