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Prayer for the World

Prayer for the World

I am starting a new hive and everyone is welcome to join! It is called Prayer for the World and it is non-denominational. The purpose of the group is not to persuade anyone to join another’s religion. It is not to ridicule, dictate or demand that others follow another’s beliefs. There is just so much anger in this world and there are so many people that are suffering that need our prayers: maybe someone is fighting an illness (physical, emotional or mental), experiencing the loss of a loved one or financial hardships.

Let me tell you a little about me and get it out in the open. I was raised Catholic and my maternal grandmother who died before I was born, converted to Catholicism from Judaism.  I know my Jewish family lovingly from a distance because they live across the continent from us. I do not know their traditions. My grandmother was disowned only by her own mother, my great-grandmother for converting. My grandmother’s siblings/cousins were great role models to me because they pushed religion aside and just loved us. Is that not a golden rule? I figure if my family can jump this religious divide, then maybe the rest of the world can.

My hope is that we

·Reach out to any bully that is feeling alone and isolated. Say a prayer for their healing. 

·Send a smile of encouragement to a lonely senior or housebound adult.

·Offer comfort for the sick and poor.

·Provide optimism and hope to the next generation to lift them to new heights as loving, caring, empathetic human beings.

Tell us your blessings and what you are grateful for today. Disclose any interventions that you experienced or prayers answered.

So please, let us be kind and civil. Share a meditation or uplifting quote or poem. Communicate a request to pray for someone or share your favorite prayer. Let us heal the wor