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Going in a new direction

A common viewpoint is that the ways we have been taught should work for us.  That is not so for all of time.  The new world now has people and possibilities coming from all directions.  I am now going to start using the Crowd Funding and Angle Investing that has gained prominence as the new way to get started.  My first project I am aiming for is to Get Veterans and Skilled Blue Collar workers a new chance to make good.
Going in a new direction
Every city with a Parks and Recreation department cuts down and mulches up many trees.  My business plan is to purchase or other wise get those tree resources and put them into an industrial warehouse to dry and age properly. Then purchase the tools and equipment to  cut the wood into usable construction material. Then create furniture to sell to local business at a fair price. 

These are a couple of items I made for my family, I have others under construction of a more durable nature.

I can use a natural never going away resource.
The service benefits the property owner.
The service benefits the homeless skilled craftsman.
The service benefits the local community with quality durable furnishings.
The service benefits people visiting and seeking goods made locally.

The service can be duplicated in many communities and one can spread the benefits widely.
There are profitable side benefits and opportunities which can be leveraged when the first one is working.

Now i am going to the Crowd Funding sites I would appreciate any tips or advice on how to succeed there and make this a reality
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