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Digimenu - digital QR menu

According to a survey administered by Dineout in India, 91% of the purchasers post-pandemic would like digital/contactless menus instead of the printed ones. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a health institute within the US discourages the utilization of reusable menu cards as they will cause infection in customers.

You do not need to worry about an equivalent quite menu cards provided by various third-party services.

These QR-based menu cards offer various designs and designs you'll choose between and thus, customize your restaurant’s menu card.

We can assist you in customizing and implementing your ideal QR-based menu card!

What if you would like to increase your services to different cuisines? Now, it'll not be feasible to print another set of menu or pamphlets cards whenever you would like to form a change QDigimenu - digital QR menuR-based menu cards are often edited in real time easily. You’re liberal to make any changes you would like without increasing your total budget.

Your customers don't need to be tech-savvy to use this. they are doing not even need to install any additional apps if their phone features a QR-scan facility. Showcase your customers top quality impressive food dishes which are flexible to vary in real time whenever the necessity be.