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United Airlines CEO sends out an apology

Here is a chance for you to combine your Chinese language study with the latest updates on what United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz sent out to United Customers via email as an apology for the forced removal and subsequent injury of Dr. David Dao. United has changed its policies ande sent this email out to the members of its frequent flyer program.United Airlines CEO sends out an apology

The inserts of the Chinese vocabulary are thanks to FlipWord, a startup that calls itself the 'lazy way to learn a language'.

Each 航班 (háng bān) you take with us represents an important promise we make to you, our customer. It's not simply that we make sure you reach your destination safely and 准时 (zhǔn shí), but also that you will be treated with the highest 平 (píng) of service and the deepest 意义 (yì yì) of dignity and 尊敬 (zūn jìng).

Earlier this month, we broke that 信任 (xìn rèn) when a passenger was forcibly removed from one of our planes. We can never say we are 遗憾 (yí hàn) enough for what occurred, but we also know meaningful actions will speak louder than words.

For the past 数 (shù) weeks, we have been urgently working to answer two questions: How did this happen, and how can we do our best to ensure this never happens again?

It happened because our corporate policies were placed ahead of our shared values. Our procedures got in the way of our employees doing what they know is right.

Fixing that problem starts now with changing how we fly, serve and 尊敬 (zūn jìng) our customers. This is a turning point for all of us here at United – and as CEO, it's my responsibility to make sure that we learn from this 感受 (gǎn shòu) and redouble our efforts to put our customers at the 中心 (zhōng xīn) of everything we do.

That’s why we announced that we will no longer ask law enforcement to remove cu