Four industries that will change the most in the artificial intelligence revolution

Four industries that will change the most in the artificial intelligence revolution

If history has taught us anything, it’s that new technologies have a way of transforming certain industries. The industrial revolution eliminated many routine manual labor jobs that were not being performed by machines and it transported almost all manufacturing processes to large mills and factories. The digital revolution completely changed the way that humans communicated with each other over long distances and created many new jobs. Now, society is on the brink of another revolution, this one driven by advances in artificial intelligence technology. Here are four industries that will experience the most change.


Many healthcare providers are already using AI to diagnose illness. Thanks to machine learning, AI can analyze medical scans and identify warning signs of various illnesses much sooner than human eyes can. This will increase the accuracy of diagnoses and allow for earlier treatment and better prognosis.


Since AI works best with vast amounts of data at its disposal, who better to analyze companies and financial information to recommend the best stocks to invest in and when to buy and when to sell. AI will take over the financial advisor role in the near future.


The insurance industry is all about risk avoidance. Insurance companies want to avoid paying out money on insurance claims whenever possible and will offer better rates to those who are seen as lower risk. Well artificial intelligence is going to play a large role in risk avoidance since AI uses machine learning to analyze data and search for patterns. Soon you’ll see auto insurance companies using tracking chips placed in your vehicle using AI to determine the likelihood you’ll be involved in an accident based on your driving behavior and health insurance providers using wearable tech to monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and other vital statistics so they can adjust your insurance rate accordingly.


Driverless cars are already a reality and it’s only a matter of time until they’re legal in all 50 states and reasonably affordable. When that day comes, there’s no more need for truck, bus, and taxi drivers. In fact, there’s a good chance people will move away from owning vehicles at all opting instead for 24/7 access to a driverless taxi service that shuttles people from place to place as needed.

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