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Giving thanks in the home stretch

Giving thanks in the home stretch

This being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, I am thankful for the 65 backers who support my Kickstarter campaign.

As of this moment (October 9, 2016) because of these wonderful people we have attained funding of $4,391.00 representing approximately 66% of our $6,500.00 target. The campaign ends on October 13 so whether we make it or not remains to be seen. We need a big push that is for certain. Once again, here's the link and thanks for considering supporting us.

Regardless, before the site gets shut down I must make sure that the following people understand the depth of our gratitude and thanks. Some of you have been with us from the beginning in late October 2011. Others, I have only just met. What you all have in common though is an expressed belief that this project could make a difference in the lives of partners caring for partners.

Very many thanks. Regardless of the outcome of the campaign and if I find a way to publish the book at some point (hopefully this fall!) I will try to recognize what you have done and what you have meant to us.

In no particular order we thank:

Mahdi Alfardan

Paul Dutton

David ‘Homer’ Holmes

Jennifer Rush

Maria Jesus Del Carmen Reyes


Terry Jackson

Fred Leber

Amy Kovitz

John NIshida

Jeff Weaver

Anne Day

Imants ‘Dad’ Saksons

Kevin Pashuk

Catherine Brunelle

Stephen Smith

Tony Bridger