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Can't Buy Me Love

Why Buying Followers Alone Won’t Build Your Community

Lately there seems to be an ever increasing amount of $ offers to increase your social media following. Sorry, but this demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of how social networks function.

    • Can't Buy Me Love

      But wait, there’s more. Despite the billions of dollars being poured into online communities almost 70 percent of customers never participate. Why?

      Here are some of the reasons why communities fail.

        • · Lack of planning
        • · Outdated content
        • · Uninspired discussions
        • · Low engagement

      “The quality of the communities you build is much more important than the size of your following” Donald S. Grandy

      Many communities also lack the power of Brand Advocates - A.K.A. Superfans, who are passionate about promoting and interacting with your brand anywhere