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Carb Cycling vs. Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet

There are a lot of diet plans out there. There is the carb cycling diet, keto diet (or ketogenic diet), Paleo diet, vegan diet and vegetarian diet ... And that's not even all of them. It can get complicated and confusing to understand which diet might be the best option for you and your health goals.

If you are confused by all of this information, watch the following video by Dr. Axe and his wife Dr. Chelsea Axe. Excellent content. 

Carb Cycling vs. Keto Diet vs. Paleo Diet

Today, my wife, Dr. Chelsea Axe, and I are going over what a carb cycling diet is, what a keto diet is and what a Paleo diet is. Whether you’re looking to balance hormones or boost your metabolism, there is a diet out there for you. Watch to learn more? Learn more about a carb cycling diet on my website here:

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