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BeBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

beBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

Feeling the Honey, when it's missing..

Yesterday I finally got the notice from our postal service that my beBee package was released. Finally.  My "honey" was seized, because honey  needs approval license to import, even a small gift. We have a pretty decent honey market locally thus the bees and market are protected. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to see the label with my name on it. I felt the love "Team beBee" on this side of the world.

Well when all you hope to receive is not there what do you do? Do you celebrate what you have, and can you "Carpe Diem"- seize the moment? Well I sure can today!

Let's face it, the postal service is dying and I love receiving from them. The changes in technology makes the human interface limited sometimes, unless you 'carpe diem', and find the 'networking affinity' to interface! In rolls social media -

I've been a fan of Archie Comics from a child and I love the sweetness of honey. Make your honey, find a honey source in your daily routine, Bee Social..

beBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

And all that honey can be hard to find...but with me, its all sweet! Who will help me with my honey hive and spread the happiness we should experience in our lives? Sending out some sugar, because sweetness has to start with something... time to get the 'honey production' churning...

beBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

When there is a lot of honey sweetness in my life .. I can't stop the feeling..shhh, this is what I do with the sweetness.. try it, and get your social moving...Bee Social 

beBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

So an encore you will adore, because in any language aging can only make you sweeter... and dedicating the dance today to  Alan Gellar !

beBee Affinity Networking - Carpe Diem!

Bee Social, Be Happy, and follow the sweetness...

                                                  Thank you!!

Credits : YouTube video online

Winsorbear: The Archies - Sugar sugar (Original 1969 Music Video)

ola hola: Maroon 5 -Sugar

Ricardo Walker: Justin Timberlake - Can't stop the feeling, Dance by Ricardo Walker Crew

Marber: Sugar Sugar - The Archies (Letra en ingles y espanol)

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 17/10/2016 · #35

Very nice message @Donna-Luisa Eversley. I still love Sugar by Maroon 5!! I remember when they produced the first video for it- surprising the bride, groom and their guests at reception, I thought that was pretty cool. I guess the grooms to be actually signed up to win (or whatever the term is) Maroon 5 surprising their bride at the reception. They were never notified they won, so the guys were still very surprised too.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 16/10/2016 · #34

Now that may be a Timberlake song but those were so Michael Jackson, the King of Pop moves! :-) A very sweet message @Donna-Luisa Eversley!

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Debesh Choudhury 15/10/2016 · #33

A sweet message indeed @Donna-Luisa Eversley ..

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #32

#17 @David Grinberg when I see you at sunset on your video stream, I will be looking out for the dance moves, and you can sing one line for us..thanks so much for stopping by😉

Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #31

#15 @Laura Mikolaitis ...hope you will be part of my dance group virtually trying out those killer moves in the video..I aced them all in my mind..if I looked in the mirror, I would get a reality check...lots to smile and laugh with..all honey my friend .😀😉🤗

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #30

#14 @Fatima Williams I can just see you at encore, grooving on the floor with some super moves...keep the buzz flowing my friend 😉🤗

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #29

#13 yayyy so glad you dropped by..wait till you see what's going to be featured tomorrow @Shubhanshu Garg..hahaha...a secret 😉

Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #28

#12 hahaha @Dean and I thought mine was lost forever..
If I tell you Dean you will believe my crazy week. To top it off started some medical treatment and I willed myself to take the pain, like a woman in a very long labor...scream my lungs out😁
Then I thought , no way is my week ending on a painful cry, but a celebration of what is to come. Mentally transferred myself to a break dancing Dwordslayer with killer dance moves, and voila, got my package and post in two's all honey, hahaha...that my friend is how my energy level got shot through the roof ..
By the way...I'm still dancing🤗😎