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Humanitarian Advocacy 2 - The sick & injured warrior!

Humanitarian Advocacy 2 - The sick & injured warrior!

The Humanitarian Advocacy Hive is created. I have placed a lot of thought on if this subject matter is too controversial for a hive, but there are many who may need a place to share and be inspired by solutions and community support. No one wins the game of life during conflict, pain, loss and even death. Legal battles are a last resort, and many times the alternative solutions and mediation are not available. When one thinks of humanitarian advocacy the first thought can be of wars and displacement, refugees - and yes, there is a major need for supporting NGO's and others groups in this area. I hope we can all look closer to home and the various work related situations, gender discrimination, racial intolerance and political victimization, to list a few subheadings. These are emotional subject areas and require tack, compassion, and a clear bias for solution oriented support and empathy. This first post in this series has been republished on beBee and here is the second installment. The others will be posted in Humanitarian Advocacy Hive shortly.
Donna-Luisa Eversley

The Sick & Injured Warrior

I would not describe myself as brave. I’m afraid of rodents, insects, and cringe when going to the dentist! There is something deep, deep inside my being though which abhors injustice, making it impossible for me to sit quietly. Never choosing to fight for myself, I would march quite boldly to defend another. In defense of others we can be fierce, but it takes that much more in defense of ourselves.

There is a movie, I like to refer to when discussing human behavior – 'Law Abiding Citizen', with Gerard Butler & Jamie Fox. The show revolves around a man’s fight for justice in an unfair system, created by those who are expected to uphold the law. He waits on justice and it was unfair. A plea bargain for testimony against the partner set the real perpetrator free - a man who raped and murdered  the wife and young daughter of a law abiding citizen. To change the system, while extracting his own justice, the victim, became the villain. I don't think he deserved the cards he was given, yet I also think he was pushed by an unjust system to fight for his rights, and his family. There was no 'humanitarian advocacy' for him!

Sickness & Injury

People get sick. People get the cold, viruses