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DO YOUR HOMEWORK So you want to know how can you be sure about picking the right roofing contractor? There are a number of good roofing contractors out there - you just have to find them or at least know who they are. They are far and few between - that I do know.

So yesterday a potential customer called me and said that our quote was a little higher than the other two he had received, so how could he tell if he was looking at "apples to apples"? My first thought was; we would be happy to look at all 3 bids if he would blank out the price and the contractor name. Then I thought about it and gave him a roofing manufacturer to call and two consulting firms to take a look at his proposals.


(1) I suggested he ask the bidders to provide him with a letter showing their certification with the manufacturer's they are quoting. (2) Ask for their EMR rating certification (3) Ask for a reference from the manufacturer by placing a call to them (4) get references and call them (5) ask them for their last 4 jobs they had to permit in their county or elsewhere and call the permitting office to confirm

Did you know roofing companies have to pre-qualify first in order to even bid the work for many clients? That same paper work even gets a score. If they do not meet the requirements they are not allowed to bid.Some jobs require bid bond money up front and some companies are not able to do that. If not - they are not able to bid. If their EMR rating is > 1 they are not allowed to bid in many cases. Some bid work we even have to turn in complete resume's of the Superintendent, Project Manager and Operations. Not only that but our safety information, our financials and more. As a consumer you have a right to know. BECAUSE if you do not do your homework then once you buy a roof it is yours to keep for years to come and getting a refund or exchange to get it done correctly WILL NOT HAPPEN. So should the roofing company you chose put your roof on wrong, poorly install, do you think they will take it down and do a re-install correctly? I don't think so.

-- Let me share... I had a contractor who did not install my foundation on my garage correctly and he had the structure framed in shingles on the roof, and the inspector called him on it. Now why that inspector was not called out when the foundation got put in or maybe one did - I don't know. All I do know is that contractor I hired over 20 years ago left my property with all my money except $800 had unfinished work and never came back. I sued yes, but I actually paid for my 20 x 27 car garage twice out of pocket. So believe me when I say, I'm an advocate for the consumer! That lousy $5K I got in small claims court was nothing. I did not have a floor, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, or the lighting.

Tecta America Carolinas may not be the lowest bidder but we are the finest, maintain the highest skilled trained roofers, many who have 10+ years of service with our company. We are a premier self-performing roofing company in the U.S. with over 54 locations and a Customer Solutions Center available 24/7 for emergency and leak repairs. We are owned by ONCAP, a global investment firm with over $25 billion in managed assets, has an undrawn $45 million dollar line of credit. We do not ask our clients for a deposit up front when the contract is signed. We have an EMR of .58 vs the 1.0 national average. We have many awards for 100% perfect installations/recognition. We stand behind all of our installs 100% - no corners are cut!

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