Donna Smith in Women in Leadership, LinkedIn, Coaching Business Development/Commercial Roofing Services • Tecta America Carolinas LLC Mar 23, 2017 · 1 min read · +100

How Do You Create Your Own Personal Signature?

For me it was about making a difference in mentoring, helping others to find the best in themselves, to find the desire withing themselves to be their best and achieve the goals they wanted. I always attempted to treat everyone different when in a leadership role. I see every person as a distinct individual. I communicated with everyone one differently and handled each situation based on the individual I was dealing with at the time. My role wasn't about making friends, but earning respect and trust. I personally felt like this meant understanding what each employees' job consisted of and how they were doing handling those responsibilities. I felt like communication and leading that person would best be done if I really knew rather than just assuming I knew.  Using words like How Do You Create Your Own Personal Signature? or "how can I help" brings value to the table and appreciation. A leader is never successful on their own it's always the team and those who the leader supports. --- Thanks for reading. What's your "personal signature"?