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This is just one roof type shown in the picture but none the less a good one that has surely been neglected. Lack of maintenance is always #1 in my book for why leaks start. Liked unfilled pitch pockets, ponding water and damage to the roof done by others. Has HVAC crews drop screws on the membrane and accidentally step on them or set the metal doors on the rubber membrane with the corner in the membrane? Sealant around penetrations do not last forever. Laps, penetrations, curb flashing, coping, screws backing out, rust, pipe boot clamps missing, drains rings clogged with leaves just to name a few things where maintenance is needed on your roof. Getting a certified roofer to inspect your roof and doing maintenance work for you is not that costly. Imagine how much water filters into the roofing system before it actually shows up inside your building! 

                                                                       Check seams, flashing, & attachment points.

Well this one is easy. Identify ponding water areas.. If water stands on the roof for more than 48 hours - this can be a problem. Especially around seams, flashing's, drains, skylights, and parapets is one of the top culprits for leaks. Wet insulation can cause mold and structural damage.

Moisture & Roof Leaks: Moisture causes decay of roofing materials and depletes its strength and quality of your roof. No matter what type of roof you have; when roof leaks are present - there's a problem. Intense weather like heavy rains, ice, snow can also lead to roofing problems.

Holes or punctures in the roof is open access for rain water. This can lead to structure damage brought about increased moisture level, algae infestation and decking and insulation rot.

Blisters are caused by moisture trapped inside. Dry lapping and improper heating causes hot bituminous roof systems to blister. While small blisters seldom pose a problem especially if they are not in a seam, the larger ones can rupture and allow water to seep in. Hot weather usually makes blisters worse. Blisters can be cut open and properly repaired, however, a qualified roofing company should take a look to determine to do so or not.

Repairing the roof is usually a band-aid solution that covers the problem momentarily. Depending on the condition of the rood a repair time line varies or course. The other determining factor in a repair is whether the repair was done correctly or not.

So when do you actually need a replacement? When the roof has reached the end of its service life, you may need to replace the roof. Service life of roof systems varies and the other factor for that equation is how well it was maintained, the weather conditions it encounters as well.

When to repair? If your roof system is still within its service life cycle, the best thing to do is repair it. Identifying the leak source is not always easy and straightforward. And just because you find one source doesn't mean there isn't another location. There are just too many unique complexities in flat roofing that sometimes even a roofing contractor may need to come out more than once or perform a water test. Maintenance can mean a lot down the road! Keep roof maintenance items such as counter-flashing, metal curbs & metal ducts sealed watertight at all times, sealants replaced, pitch pockets filled, drains & scuppers clear of debris, pipe penetrations sealed and pipe boot clamps on and sealed where needed, use walkways and exercise care when on your roof to avoid tools and equipment from puncturing the membrane.

For more information or if you are interested in having a free lunch and learn for an hour at your place of business, please reach out. More than happy to set this up. Helping customers first learn and what they can do and when to call a roofer is why I'm here.

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