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SILICONE SEALANT VS ACRYLIC SEALANTFirst, we should know its purpose. Silicone sealant is based on silicone polymers and forms a tough flexible rubber. There are 3 types of silicone sealant, but for roofing and external uses the neutral curing silicone's are used due to its superior adhesion and weatherproofing properties. In addition to being used on surfaces sensitive to acetic acid. So flexible is good because structures do have movement. Silicone has a longer lifespan than your acrylic sealant. Silicone is considered a cut above when it comes to being weather resistance and maintaining its weatherproofing properties longer.

Acrylic sealants are based on acrylic polymers. When it comes to roofing acrylic sealants is not ideal as acrylic sealant are traditionally used internally. Such as an economical filler and it is paintable with most paints. Acrylic sealants doesn't have as long of a lifespan as Silicone sealants especially when it comes to moisture/water conditions and temperature conditions.

Tecta America Carolinas uses the best process and materials for making quality roof repairs. Customers who need a new roof replacement but just can’t work that number in their budget or if someone prefers another option that will still get them in the dry for a lesser cost, we would recommend GE Enduris 3500 Silicone roof coating. If you would like to know more about that option and if it will work for your roof and get a 10 year labor and material warranty with option to extend, contact me for more information.  ~~ Finding solutions ~~~ (better yet visit:

 GE Enduris* 3500 Roof Coating: Premium one-coat, high-solids, 100% silicone coating forms a durable membrane. For use over single-ply, BUR, metal, foam and other roof substrates. Let me include that we also like Gaco and Aldo Roof Silicone Coatings as well.