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To All the Morning People ~ Thank You

To All the Morning People ~ Thank You

I am not a morning person. I have never been a morning person. And, I never will be a morning person. I love morning people. Without them I wouldn't have all the wonderful conveniences of my lifestyle. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the morning people who directly or indirectly contribute to my success as a human being.

First, I would like to thank the makers of coffee. I mean the people out there picking the beans, the ones at the factory crushing and/or bagging the beans whole. The people involved in shipping the coffee to my local store. The producers of coffee makers. The water providers. Without the first cup of the day, I'm dead in the water, and those around me at risk of getting their head bit off for creating the slightest of noise. My grown children also thank you for contributing to their survival.

Second, I would like to thank all the clothing manufacturers that produce comfortable clothing, the likes in which I sit writing this thank you as we speak. There's a lot to be said for sweatpants and t-shirts. Sure, professional attire has its place in my life, but not when I first get up, or if I'm writing.

Third, I would like to thank the light bringers that illuminate the late night writing sessions, where more than honey is produced. Those who make light bulbs and create the electricity that allows the darkness to be held back for a few more hours.

And finally, I would like to thank the people who work hard to bring us all the modern conveniences of the internet. Without those dedicated morning people, turning out code and building the newest and greatest platforms, my career as an author would be ended. I use the internet for a lot of research, purchasing software necessary to the craft of writing, and to speak to the world.

I am not a morning person, but I can be grateful to be blessed by those who are.

Robert Cormack 20/3/2017 · #15

Thank you, @Donna Wood, for getting up early enough (and having your first cup0 to write this piece. We're all grateful for the early-risers, mostly because things are there when we wake up (I sent my first article off at 4:30 this morning).

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Claire L Cardwell 20/3/2017 · #14

Donna Wood - I am also not a morning person, I've tried, mind you, tried and tried. Sometimes just before I go to bed, it's dark still and just after 5am and the morning rush hour is beginning to start......

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Todd Jones 19/3/2017 · #13

Hi Donna... You are welcome! I am a morning person by necessity, as my job as a utility lineman requires that I travel frequently to far flung jobsites. Rather than living out of a suitcase, I often choose to commute up to three hours each way. I spent way too much time on the road in my younger days, and now prefer the comforts of my own home and bed.

The problem with being a morning person by necessity is that the rhythm follows me into the weekends, and on vacation. Oh, how I would love to sleep past 5AM, but I just cant seem to do it, and staying awake past 10PM is practically impossible.

I will say though, that I was out of work for 10 weeks with a knee injury back in 2015, and found that during this time I would naturally wake up around 7:30, and stay up until midnightish. Would that qualify me as a night owl?

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David B. Grinberg 19/3/2017 · #12

#11 That's one way to look at it, Donna. But I think there's also something to be said for solitude which, for some writers, can be a catalyst to the creative process. Everyone is unique and different in their own special way. I encourage you to keep buzzing! 🐝🐝✌️️

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Donna Wood 19/3/2017 · #11

#9 Count me in! Being a night owl is a lonely business. :D

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siraj shaik 19/3/2017 · #10

#3 at times work environment cultures and controls the rhythm. For example those who are in 24x7 process plant (mfg., prod., service) industry in a local locale. Also those who tune up to keep in rhythm with service to other locales.. like IT work. Sir, a person I know past 3decades has the same family name like you.

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Lisa Gallagher 19/3/2017 · #9

Oh, how I can relate to this @Donna Wood. I'm not a morning person either. I actually admire and envy morning persons! My mom once told me I was never a morning person and she was right. Both of my kids and my husband are morning people. I feel out-numbered when we are all together. Like you, I thank all those who are morning people. I think most of my creative and positive thoughts come to me late at night... it can be lonely because there isn't anyone up to share your ideas with. Having some java now, which I don't make a habit out of! ;-) By the way, @David B. Grinberg was interested in starting a hive for night owls, I think we may find there are people who would love this hive?!

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Chichi Layor Okoye 19/3/2017 · #8

I am also not a morning person and I am grateful for the morning people who do all the valuable things you describe.

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