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My work

My workGreetings, fellow bloggers, travel enthusiasts, and all those who want to live their lives to the fullest! My name is Dora, and I am driven by two great passions — traveling and writing! Read and follow my blog here I travel the world to gain new experiences and write about these adventures so that I can preserve them in my heart.

The first trip that I have been on was a holiday in Peru with my family. The excitement, the anticipation, the discoveries, the knowledge I gained, they all struck my soul like nothing I had felt before. This experience was the moment when I knew that traveling would become my great love and that there were countless beauties in this world just waiting for us to discover them. Now, I travel across the globe, in search of famous and hidden attractions, always ready to be amazed by new discoveries. Our world holds many wonderful things that would leave any one of us speechless. When you realize this, then your journey begins!

Travel blogging easily and naturally became a part of my life. There is a special joy in sharing your amazing experiences with others, and in translating impressions and emotions in the written word. Describing your travel experience is never an easy task — there is always something lost in translation, and there is still some emotion so hard to express with words. However, precisely in this fact lies a genuine excitement of travel blogging! You always try to be better and to take your readers to the exact place where you’ve been. When you do realize that your readers can picture the site from your memories, that’s when you, as a writer, have won. That feeling is as uplifting as the journey itself — probably because, in some way, writing is a journey of its own. It’s a journey back towards your memories, straight ahead towards your better self, and deep inside your soul towards your strongest realizations. Also, it’s a journey towards the heart of each person that reads your words, or at least it should be.