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How a Giant Armadillo Teaches us Survival Instincts for Marketers

                    How a Giant Armadillo Teaches us Survival Instincts for Marketers

Now,  I will admit I did not run into one of these guys myself recently, but I did run into a distant cousin when I was on vacation in Venice Florida.  I visit Florida quite often and I have been chased by a wild boar, yes you to can win a free ticket to meet a badass wild boar on a nature trail. On New Year's Eve when escorting my parents home, outside of the church I saw a huge boar, there's something to be said for being sober on December 31st. The last time I had a natural experience was with an armadillo and I was alone driving back from a family outing so it was 96 F I saw a small armadillo which blew my lunch right up my nostril before I knew what it was am armadilloes.  To my horror, I almost hit and I it and it curled up in a ball but I frightened with the poor fellow with my hysterical scream. I didn't know so I tapped it with my stick screamed when I realized what it was, yikes. 🐾 The last time I had a natural experience was with an armadillo and I was alone driving back from a family outing so it was 96 F I saw a small armadillo which blew my lunch right up my nostril before I knew what it was.  I got to thinking, how has this amazing creature survived given it is one of the oldest living mammals? 

How has it survived? The obvious answers come to mind that it's got to be intelligence or instincts. I also started to think Wow, these guys have to be resilient in some way that they staved off the threats of humans. Does survival of the fittest address the plight of the Large Armadillo or what's secret and I think about marketing, automation, and startups surviving so I thought maybe this incredible animal exhibits some qualities that we could emulate when it comes to surviving the in the business of marketing. I admit you did not wake up with this burning question, however, everyone offers their pearls of wisdom on trends social media, search engine optimization or blogging. I promise that I am going to try to keep this a bit whimsical and simple so that you may learn something about yourself or what it takes to master longevity in life and or work.

Since I ran into one I have been fascinated ever since about this little dinosaur as my nephew called him. I caught a broadcast of PBS's "Hotel Armadillo on PBS's Nature. ( and here are viral disruptor marketing thoughts. 🐾

  • Instincts used to drive marketers and still do, but we are reminded by many 🐝 that we need to use data to tell us whether our instincts are on target by counting on data to validate our strategy. Giant Armadillo's while well protected by a coat or armor are driven by instincts to abandon deep tunnels for a new home every few days. Marketers need to keep cultivating new and fresh content to keep pace with the 24-hour news cycle of business and clients. So many of us sharpen our claws of expertise searching furiously and digging around for newly embolden content. Besides that, if we succeed we remain accountable while consumers and businesses are gobbling up the delicious content as does the armadillo constantly seeking fresh batch of insects.
  • Marketing while visible everywhere, is not really understood well. I mean it's like supplements everyone 🐝 knows they need, but which one and how much to take remains the mystery to most consumers so goes paradigms of marketing. Most small businesses realize they need marketing and attempt to jump on social media and gain exposure and then well mastered the craft. Once you fall on your face after your in your initial flirtation, you begin to do some homework. One might try research with keyword optimization and Google doc alerts while listening to your competition on the various social channels. Constant foraging and searching for your food supply of content keep us busy in our tunnels. I thought social media marketing would be easy compared to psychology. Shocked, I found its rather an exact science as opposed to just trusting your gut.  Yes, you need to be skilled at writing, some tech applications, and data analysis to guide your strategy. ✅
  • ROI = (Incremental Profit – Campaign Cost) / Campaign Cost  Giant Armadillo Benefits vs Longterm Investment

    This revenue versus cost ROI ratio, however, becomes more complicated for marketing initiatives as a campaign’s timeframe gets longer. Consider, for example, the long-term investment in content marketing or paid advertising. In all likelihood, a single blog post or banner won't immediately lead to a sale. However, as the number of interactions from a consistent ad or content marketing campaign increase over time, their impact on purchasing decisions, However, as the number of interactions from a consistent ad or content marketing campaign increase over time, their impact on purchasing decisions will accumulate. This builds momentum for a single purchase, or even repeat purchases. When considering how to calculate ROI for marketing activities by your brand, remember that there are many unaccounted variables that can influence your formula’s outcome. Which leads to three often forgotten ROI factors: brand awareness, customer lifetime value, and touch point. 💯

  • Sadly, the Giant Armadillo faces habitat loss and this ugly scaly tank of an animal with its eccentricities are interwoven into the environments that reach far beyond their local environment. If you think marketing has no impact on your environment then you slept through the Election of 2016. Marketing, itself,  became a cyclone of viral disruption who stumped pundits, journalists, and data scientists. It bore a monster of fake news and jettisoned Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. Marketing when it works is seamless, but like a gas leak if it does or a mugging go viral without protection one loses all public trust thus bankruptcy or soar a celebrity or organization to 🚀 skyrocket profits. United Airlines failure to appropriately handle a typical problem with customers cost them public trust and integrity. I know many consumers can't wait to watch them go down in a bonfire of bankruptcy. Our economy is so intricately linked that when one large airline falls out of the sky literally the fallout is radioactive for the airlines and consumers alike.
  •  Sadder yet the Giant Armadillo is threatened as a species and is so rare that accurate numbers are hard to obtain. Small business's and startups need to market from a budget of zero and if left to a non-existent strategy, the consequences result in doing more harm than no marketing plan at all. We know that about 70% of start-ups fail. Small marketers and agencies can't afford to wing it. Frankly, when I started social selling I was aghast at the amount of free training and information out on the web. I recently googled social media psychology and I found that I could spend the next 50 years just reading dissertations. I would probably become extinct. I hope that we all support small businesses whenever and wherever we can!
  • Actual numbers of the Giant Armadillo are difficult to quantify due to actual sightings being is very rare so that they "tag them with the transmitter." according to Rewire so they can keep track of the species. Traditional marketing is a dinosaur that is facing extinction with the onset of automation. My fear with more and more automation the small agency or ecopreneur will become an endangered species as well. I know I can hear everyone tweeting, yes but we need the human side of marketing. I agree but I would like to see more mentoring by marketers and more clarity as to what certifications and or professional credentials indicate a certain level of mastery. With the field being so fluid I realize this may be my wish to legitimize my own background a tad. I do think more women are coming into the field is great but we need diversity to thrive in a global market and enrich content. This was one of the reasons I love Bebee 🐝 because it offers so many cultural and social possibilities for all kinds of training.
  • Marketing goes back to the origins of mankind and it offers a tremendous opportunity to not only educate customers but provide social good. One of the reasons I selected a jewelry brand was that I wanted to offer other women with disabilities that we are not extensions of our body, that we can glow from the outside or inside. I find that sometimes you need to fake it until you make it,  especially if you are recovering from mental and psychological trauma. I also enjoy using my brand to "glow  my business and reputation." I think like the Giant Armadillo, we need to be well defended if we are going to take a risk and reach beyond the trite customer services experiences. I also love when people want to sell me something, it's a tremendous time to listen and learn with a keen sense of being invisible but attuned to what is said and done. 🐝

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@Dorothy Cooper I missed your follow up comment the first time round - so good that John White re-shared this article. Plenty people found your piece relevant, so keep on truckin!

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I edged myself out on a branch with this particular blog topic, so if you would be so kind as to tell me if I need a parachute or I should just cut the branch off then I will delete. I want to transition to marketing but I find that know what innovative thinking compared to the usual spin is far more of a learning curve than I guessed. Any feedback is welcomed, that's how one builds a thicker skin. Thanks @Dorothy-Cooper

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"On the road to Armadillo" - crunchy!

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