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Meets sympathetic and emotional needs.

Meets personal needs

*** Preachers of the Gospel - traveling missionaries. Anointed to bring repentance to people through presenting the goodness of God by means of the Good News of the Gospel. Has the motivation to stimulate the faith of others.

".....But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself."

John 12:32

Apart from their traveling ministry, they are also needed in the local church, as they are a motivating force in the church. They will inspire others to care about the lost, too. An evangelist will put life and excitement into his sharing of the Good News. They will encourage personal evangelism, and not be too concerned about doctrine.

They have the ability to feel where people are, and identify with their need. They have the motivation to identify with, and to relieve those who are in distress, such as sinners in a crowd, and will cry and pray a lot for the lost. They want the full interest and attention of the listener, because the focus of their gift is - PEOPLE. They love people, and like teaching that is practical, needing to see visible acceptance when they talk to people, and seeing them take steps of action.

They have the capability to encourage people to grow, and have the desire to meet successfully the experiences of life. They possess the motivation to stimulate faith, and they want the personal growth of others. A strong, life related gift that tends to centre on actual experience of life. They delight in personal conferences that produce new insights.

They tend to regard truth as truth, whether it comes from the Bible or experience. They want to confirm the truth of the bible with actual experience, and can see how tribulation or trouble could produce new levels of maturity. They have to guard against the emphasis on steps of action producing a feeling that they are wanting or expecting, that the result will be that the feelings of the person are being disregarded, at this point.