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Meets sympathetic and emotional needs

Meets practical needs

*** Shepherd of Jesus flock. They will guard and watch over the flock. The motivation to demonstrate love by meeting practical needs. Their gift flows best through deeds rather than words. They seem to `see' what needs to be done and are gifted with their hands and equipped with physical stamina, and a disregard for weariness. They enjoy manual projects and will work until finished.

They want to meet the needs quickly and will even use personal funds to avoid delays. They want to see a job done, so will do much extra work. However they must guard against in getting involved in excess activity, as they find it difficult to say no.

They are people who `feel' a great deal. This gift encompasses compassion, pity, gentleness and forbearance; with the aim of helping people by empathizing with them, and doing good things with them. Their special gift is to `feel' or sense where people are, and are able to reach out in a supportive or compassionate way. Like the giving gift, people with this gift of mercy are quick to detect insincerity; their spirit is closed to the insensitive or hard-hearted. Their gift of mercy is compassion in action.

They are concerned with demonstrating love by meeting practical needs and rendering assistance. Are able to identify with, and comfort those who are in distress. The ability to see and do things that need to be done; and quickly learn specific likes and dislikes of people, and can recall them. They need and give sincere appreciation. They can `feel' joy or depression in an individual or group; and have an attraction to and understanding of people in distress. They want to remove hurts and bring healing to others; and attend to the `wounded soldiers.' They have a greater concern for mental distress than physical distress, and are sensitive to words and actions that will hurt others. They avoid firmness unless they can see how it will bring benefit. They have enjoyment and unity with those who are sensitive to people’s needs.