Doug Vermeulen en Dr Margaret Aranda: For NewBeeZ, Christianity, Teachers 55 years in the work-a-day world 13/11/2016 · 5 min de lectura · +200


* The goal of all Work: 5 fold is the establishment of local churches: cell groups. If we make our Wwork: 5 fold the basis of a separate unit of God's people, then we are building up a sect or denomination, not a church.

So we see the following: -

    # God establishes a church cell group/local church in a given locality.

    # He raise up gifted men/women: 5 fold in the church for the ministry.

    # He sends some of these specially equipped men/women into the Wwork: 5 fold.

    # These men/women establish local churches: cell groups in different places.

    # He raises up other gifted people among these churches: cell groups for the ministry of building up the local church: cell groups.

    # Some of these men/women are in turn thrust forth to work in other fields.

    # And so the Body of Christ becomes all it is meant to be.

This is where it is essential to again activate the geographical principle; and that is the one of region or area.

Whereas the churches: cell groups are always only local, the Wwork: 5 fold is regional. A local church: cell group is in one geographical locality, and many such localities/cell groups form a region.

And also there cannot be only one Wworker: 5 fold per local church: cell group, otherwise the whole Wwork: 5 fold would self-destruct. What is needed is `companies' of Wworkers: 5 fold working on a 5-fold basis moving among the regions, raising up new local churches: cell groups, and then recognizing new 5-fold `companies' from within the that local church: cell groups.

Following that every effort should be made to encourage believers to pick up their Melchizedekal priesthood [as discussed in the Grace five handbooks], and to move into full-fledged ministries, in company with other Wworkers: 5 fold.

Jesus is the only Head of His Church: cell groups and it must be clearly understood as well, that there is NO, NO occasion in which any local church: cell group exercises jurisdiction over any other local church: cell group.

The church meetings of believers, i.e. local churches: cell groups; have neither a regional council nor headquarters. Local churches: cell groups function in conjunction with Elders, who in turn co-operate with; and who are placed in position initially by the Apostle/Workers: 5 fold. Elders function by area, but are not necessarily Workers: 5 fold per se', although Elders `can' have both responsibilities.

2. The "JERUSALEM" [Acts 1:8} principle is applied to the Wworke