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Results Scoring Sheet For Temperaments

[1]. Write down 4 column headings P. D. M. A.

[2]. The person doing the questionnaire reads out the words again in exact order that they were dealt with, and the person places a tick under the column of the word they have selected.

[3]. Then count the ticks for each column – doing 1 -20,

then 21 -40

[4]. Then give a Biblical person name for each column

P = Peter

D = Paul

M = Moses

A = Abraham

[5]. Collect results – write down results for each person as they call them out – strengths only. The Holy Spirit will deal with the weaknesses in the person’s life.

After you have collected the results you can have a brief look at the temperaments of the Biblical characters below,

although there is much more that can be shared with regard to the temperaments.

It is also wise to note that every person has exactly those aspects as given in your answers in the questionnaire,

but while the overview is true, it does vary from individual to individual and also the various mixes of the temperaments from individual to individual.

Summary Of Temperament Types ---

# Peter

The Expressive


Talkative, Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Warm, Personable, Friendly, Compassionate, Carefree.


Fearful, Exaggerates, Loud, Egocentric, Undependable,, Restless, Undisciplined, Unstable, Weak-willed.

The Spirit-filled Peter

The Peter is in need of self-control with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Peter is the temperament that is most prone to fall for the “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life”. He also needs Peace to counter his fiery temper and quick anger.

He has a real need of humility, since he is egocentric by nature. The Holy Spirit will help him become concerned for the needs and feelings of others. His conversation will no longer revolve around himself, but around the Lord Jesus Christ, and the sheep of his pasture.

The Christian Peter must beware not to go through life restlessly and unproductively, stirring up strife, hurting other believers and hindering the work of their Church.

The Peter must rather let the Holy Spirit enable him to be the kind of Christian that helped Peter be the disciple that walked on water.

Found in ministries such as Evangelists and Pastors.

Found in professions such as Actors, Salesman, Speakers.


# Paul

The Driver


Strong-willed, Determined, Ind