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Local Churches trying to minister outside of their local situation fall prey to the law of diminishing returns, less and less will they be able to attend to the needs of the members of their local Church. This is where the Work 5-fold enters the picture.

The focus of the Workers 5-fold is the Corporate Body of Christ, and consists of individual ministries intensely concerned with, and connected with the Corporate Body.

When God wants any representatives of the Body to express its ministry, through discipleship, He gives `gifts to men' - the 5 fold ministries, who are functioning members of the local Church: cell group, where they reside to represent the Body.

The whole idea is quite clear in the last part of 1 Corinthians 12. So the Work: 5 fold is the responsibility of individuals who are called and commissioned by God, and not the responsibility of the whole Church or collection of cell groups.

At the end of Acts chapter 28:30, 31 we read

`For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. Boldly and without hindrance he preached the Kingdom of God and taught about the lord Jesus Christ.'

There is no record of Paul taking control of the local Church: cell group, nor did they make their place of meeting to be Paul’s center of Work: 5 fold.

Thus we see that every Apostle and Minister must learn to live in `his own [hired] dwelling, and work from there as his center, leaving the responsibility of the local Church: Cell group to the local brethren, but he could minister in the local Church: cell group as the occasion warranted it, but he will never take control of it.

--- The Work: 5 fold belongs to the Workers, but the local church: cell groups belong to the locality. ---

Any Works: 5-fold in a given place is only temporary, for as long as it takes to train a believer to do the works of ministry through discipleship, but the local Church: cell group in a given place is permanent.

The Work: 5 fold is movable: the Church: cell group is stationary. When the Worker: 5 fold moves his Work moves with him. Whether the Worker: 5 fold and his Work are present or absent, the Church: cell groups should move steadily forward. The Work: 5 fold and the work of the local Church: cell group run parallel; and are inter-active but they do not converge.