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As for the Wworkers: 5 fold, they must keep their Work: 5 fold distinct from the activities of the local Church: cell groups, but must go and have fellowship with the believers in their various local gatherings: cell groups.

The Worker: 5 fold must leave the believers to initiate, and conduct their own meetings in their own place, and then he must go to them and take part in their meetings, as a believer only, not to ask them to come to him, and to take part in his 5-fold meetings with other Apostles.

Believers must pray themselves, study the Word themselves and assemble themselves, unless and or where the believer is attending a Celebration service [celebrating the greatness of God] - a corporate assembly to worship God in His Greatness.

The Wworkers: 5-fold have the responsibility only of grounding the believers in the spiritual sacrifices detailed in Book 3 of this series, and of explaining their Melchizedekal priestly duties to them as well the role the role of discipleship. [See also the Melchizedekal Priesthood by this same author]

That done the 5-fold Worker is to start preparing to move on, to found another local church: cell group.

A Worker: 5 fold should go and work in a certain place if the local church: cell group invites him, or if he himself has received a revelation from the Lord to work there. Then he must liaise with the local Elder’s of that local assembly to begin the Work he has been given. He cannot demand that he do the Work. If the local Church does not receive the 5-fold Worker, after every attempt has been made to have the Holy Spirit confirm the Work, then that local Church would be accountable to the Holy Spirit.

If a Worker: 5 fold expects to stay for any extended length of time in one place, then he must have his own center of Work: 5 fold, and he must not only bear his own personal responsibilities, but all responsibilities in connection with the Work: 5 fold in collaboration with the Corporate Body of Christ 5 fold Work.

It must be borne in mind that the Worker: 5 fold has no worldly authority in the local Church: cell group.

The local church: cell group is the sole authority for that area, even though the Worker: 5 fold may have founded the local church: cell group.<