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To summarize: -

* The Work: 5-fold and other Works: 5-fold are the special concern of the Wworkers: 5-fold, not of the churches: cell groups, and the sphere of any local work is not wide enough for it to be regarded as a Work in the 5-fold Ministry context.

* All Wworkers: 5-fold must be humble enough to be a brother in the local Church: cell groups.

In the sphere of their Work they hold the position of God's servants, but in the sphere of the Church they are only brethren.

The goal of all Work: 5-fold is the establishment of local Churches: cell groups.

If we make our Wwork: 5-fold the basis of a separate unit of God's people, and treat that Work as a Church then we are building up a sect or denomination, not a Church.

So we see the following: -

# God establishes a Church cell group/local Church in a given locality.

# He raise up gifted men/women: 5-fold in the Church for the ministry.

# He sends some of these specially equipped men/women into the Wwork: 5-fold.

# These men/women establish local Churches: cell groups in different places.

# He raises up other gifted people among these Churches: cell groups for the ministry of building up the local Church: cell groups.

# Some of these men/women are in turn thrust forth to work in other fields.

So the advancement of God’s Kingdom becomes self-perpetuating.

This is where it is essential to again activate the geographical principle; and that is the one of region or area.

[1]. Nowhere in the New Testament is the Church described as a national or International Church. The description of Church is always in terms of locality – The Church at or in [a local area].

Whereas the Churches: cell groups are always only local, the Wwork: 5-fold is regional. A local Church: cell group is in one locality, and many such localities/cell groups form a region, but they never form a regional unit. Churches remain intensely local

And also there cannot be only be one Wworker: 5-fold at a time, per ministry [appropriate to the relevant meeting], per local Church: cell group dealing with each of the 5 Church meetings – 1. Covenant meeting, 2, Prayer meeting, 3 Worship meeting, 4 Good News meeting and 5 Bible Study meeting, otherwise the whole Wwork: 5 fold would self-destruct.

What is needed is variety of input from the 5-fold Workers handling that particular type of meeting, but not so as to cause confusion. The idea is to enrich the experience of that type of meeting.

What is needed are `companies' of Wworkers: 5-fold working on a 5-fold basis moving among the regions, raising up and equipping new local churches: cell groups, and then recognizing new 5-fold `companies' from within those local church: cell groups.

Following that every effort should be made to encourage believers to pick up their Melchizedekal priesthood, as they mature spiritually and to move into full-fledged 5-fold Mministries, through discipleship, in company with other Wworkers: 5 fold.

Jesus is the only Head of His Church: cell groups and it must be clearly understood as well, that there is NO, NO occasion in which any local Church: cell group exercises jurisdiction over any other local Church: cell group.

The Church meetings of believers, i.e. local Churches: cell groups; have neither a regional council nor headquarters.

Local Churches: cell groups function in conjunction with Elders, who in turn co-operate with; and who are placed in position by the Apostle/Workers: 5 fold on the founding of a local Church. Elders function by area, but are not necessarily Workers: 5 fold per se', although Elders `can' have both responsibilities, but his Work 5-fold remains a service to his local Church, not to take control of the Church as a 5-fold Worker.

2. The "JERUSALEM" [Acts 1:8} principle is applied to the Wworkers: 5-fold: -

You will be my witnesses: -

* first in Jerusalem

* then in Judea

* then in Samaria

* and to the ends of the earth.

These were the last words [instruction] given before Jesus ascended to the right hand of His Father!

So we see that each region has a central point from which it operates a common focal point.

We see this in the scriptures, with the Work: 5-fold initially being centered in Jerusalem, then subsequently, also in Antioch.

In Jerusalem Peter was an elder, but in terms of the whole Work: 5 fold he was an Apostle. Thus in those terms he had a double responsibility.

There is no support in the scriptures for the common practice of assigning a Wworker: 5-fold to a given locality for Work; and for being in local government there in terms of 5-fold control of the Local Church.

The choice of a center for the Work: 5 fold is God's responsibility, only He can decide the place, and only the Holy Spirit can initiate the Work: 5 fold. There is no scriptural basis for humans to decide this.

So the Work: 5-fold of God in an area is centered in one place; usually their place of residence, from which the Workers: 5-fold go, and to which they return.

Meetings where ‘Companies of 5-fold are gathering together to co-ordinate the Work of the Lord’ are best held in a hired meeting place. Having a fixed building for that purpose could eventually lead to “I will set myself up issues”.

It is also completely vital those Workers: 5 fold attend the local believers meetings (local Church: cell groups) in their place of residence as well, or the local Church building, but simply as fellow believers, or where they on specific occasions are doing ministry from their 5-fold gifting.

Wwork: 5-fold is Work, and fellowship is fellowship [cell groups]!

In the local church: cell groups it is Elders who bear responsibility; but in a regional center of Wwork: 5 fold, there are not only Elders as such but also Wworkers: 5 fold bearing responsibility for serving Jesus’ body jointly with them.

A Worker: 5-fold from another area cannot be appointed as an Elder in the local Church: cell groups.

[3]. There are two scriptural ways for the Wwork: 5 fold to go forward: -

(A): By the Workers: 5-fold moving from place to place and forming local Church: cell groups and then returning to their center of Wwork: 5-fold.

(B): By being scattered by migration for whatever reason, to other places, and then forming a local Church: cell group in that area. [So persecution only results in new local churches: cell groups being formed, --- the Lord always wins!!!]

As is demonstrated clearly in the Amplified Bible in Chapter 4, the equipping of the saints is the prime function of the Workers: 5 fold so they should do the work of ministering towards the building up of Christ's body the (the Church).

That it might develop until we

*All attain agreement in the faith,

*And in the understanding of the full and accurate knowledge of the Son of God,

*That we might arrive at really mature manhood - the completeness which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ's own perfection

The measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, and the completeness found in Him.

For because of Him the whole body, the Church groups: cell groups, in all its various parts closely joined and firmly knit together by the joints and ligaments with which it is supplied, when each part, with power adapted to its need is working properly, in all its functions, grows to full maturity, building itself up in love.

The detail has been adapted from the 3 volume series THE CHURCH – AND THE WORK by Watchman Nee, Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc., New York.

My book integrates the thought stream presented by Watchman Nee, with the Work of the 5-fold Ministries, Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist and teacher, as detailed in Book 7 of this series – PLAN FOR PERFECTION.


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