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Have You Made Your Strategic Marketing #Breakthrough Yet?

Have you ever heard of the expression - “if marketing was easy, everyone would be doing it?”. Sadly, we know the truth, we supposedly “know better”. But do we really? There is no such thing as a free lunch anymore, in the digital space. Every business, every influencer, every agency, every marketer, every strategist, and even every CEO knows that it takes considerable effort to make everything work together, simultaneously.

We know this, right?

Yet, many digital campaigns fail outright, simply because they have no solid foundation, no architecture to base their future decisions on. They don’t know how to actually deliver their unique value, and usually, it’s simply because they haven’t fully defined their own unique value. They can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

Regardless of what type of business you are in, you can no longer hatch a plan together and hope it works. Hope is not a strategy, it’s only as a direct result of not actually putting some thought into the processes and the workflows and the strategies that are critical for long-term online success.

The sad part is that businesses that don't transform how they operate in the online world will suffer and fail by not knowing how to create influence nor how to deliver their unique brand value to their audience. And, they will suffer because they don't know specifically how to generate sales, leads, or ROI.

Digital is often thought of as a random afterthought to a business, yet it is the core principles of how business actually gets done today; few are thinking forward with a clear strategy and method of implementation.

Miracles don’t just happen in the online world. And no, no self-proclaimed guru, ninja, wizard and / or rockstar hold the almighty power to turn your business into an overnight online success. Truth to be told, we are misled and misinformed about most things digital. We are bombarded, on a daily basis, by disjointed pieces of information that only create more confusion around us and our business. We cannot help but feel overwhelmed as we drown in the clutter of the online world. Consequently, we lose focus on what is really important about our online business, and we just don’t know how to move forward from this point on.

We have all been there…

Simply put, did you know that most businesses are missing out on 67% of their market - which is absolutely significant to every business. And, it is simply because they are thinking too transactional, without even thinking of being transformational and carrying out business across their entire digital ecosystem, or across the entire buyer’s journey.

Have You Made Your Strategic Marketing #Breakthrough Yet?

Most businesses have taken too many shortcuts, which has resulted in some incredibly inefficiencies in how we approach and nurture customers across our complete ecosystem. ANd, as a result, we are literally throwing out good business.

While we focus on marketing, we also need to focus on sales, and again, not just single, transactional sales.

How can you deliver more value, beyond just your shopping cart or core business? For many, it is as simple as analysing the steps that our customers are taking as they progress in the know-like-trust triangle. What if you could dramatically improve your sales by considering all of these micro-steps across everything?

Start by thinking about all of the pieces in your digital ecosystem and the digital workflow that you develop, create and manage your campaigns and strategies. And finally, look at your overall architecture that forms the basis of your strategies. This is how business with significance get built over time.

How do you get your #Breakthrough with your digital strategy? In my latest book, #Breakthrough is about understanding the principles of digital leadership, creating your ideal digital strategy, and developing a digital workflow for the next step in a digital transformation of your business: “to deliver your remarkable brand value to your audience”.

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