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80% read the Headline

80% read the Headline

20% read the text.
From some scientific people - I only read the headline.

This is a whimsical piece. It will be short. The idea this month was to write a number of posts. One that I really liked was a history of my hobo days - three stories in Europe and three from America.  The European ones involve angry horses and nice people.  The American ones usually entail being shot at or almost killed by a local. Its not just Americans either, I've developed the happy knack of almost being shot in many countries - Sweden included.

They will both be good posts, but they need a little time to ferment, to let the details float to the surface, like...

We woke. Lee and I.  To see a searchlight beaming across the inside of the tent. Outside a loudspeaker demanded; "Please come out with your hands up!" I could have been dreaming, but the voice sounded Mexican and we did camp right in front of Disneyworld. 

The zip sounded uncomfortably like a death rattle. It opened us to bright, hot, Florida morning, and fourteen feet away, a mickey mouse police car shielding a freaked out well tanned man with gun. Lee, very English, white, tattooed and naked from the waist up, popped his head out, just to have a look too. 

I could see my mother reading the morning paper...two gay hikers shot and killed outside Disneyworld. MMPD Police claim lethal force was justified. Too young to be from Boca, too pasty to be going to a theme park - smoke em, Rico.  In tents standoff ensued.

My father would get my smelly, used underpants in the post, forcing my mother to wash them or keep a last faint trace of "me." People would say they never knew I was gay, or so violent. (To Be Continued - or not:)

Another topic that was uppermost in the mind was Google and Hubspot. I've not done an article on Google tools in a while, yet they are central to many of the things that work well in the internet sphere. Hubspot does great tools and training for any young or improving "interneter." Both worth a full article in their own right - so I couldn't decide on that one either = software issues.

The third option was to go for something a bit more video based. I promised stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador last year that I would do some video and live buzz this year, but we're a few weeks too early for that. Firstly, there are a number of upcoming projects that will include an element of video organically.  Secondly, weather is gray and people are sniffly round here, so cameras and bonhomie are relegated to the naughty corner.

So this is an updates on non updates. Typical first week of January. The engine is wheezing along, new year is burgeoning (that word came to mind, I don't know if it fits).  More recap and organisation of the old, rather than pulling the shiny new merc out of the drive (metaphorically, we live beside the subway and I can't actually commandeer an electrified train that runs on a single track).

So, why are you writing then? I hear you ask. Well, sharpening the pen, wetting the whistle, dipping the wick, so to speak.

Actually I have to stop now, my daughter needs to go to school. I have a meeting with a good friend and its Friday.

So wishing all a fine weekend. Mañana, mañana.

If you got to this point, my apologies - there will be a free gift in the next post!

Disclaimer. The images used are property of very rich, wealthy, corporations. Please do not share or repost - but do go to the movies that those images represent. You will enjoy an excellent time and previously mentioned corporations will not sue me for copyright infringement. I do not intend to make any commercial or fiduciary (whatever that means) advantage. 

Jim Murray 14/1/2018 · #19


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Louise Smith 14/1/2018 · #18

#17 It's a life of extremes.... Here it's 38 degrees C and 63% humidity
Prob hottest day this Summer

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Don Philpott☘️ 14/1/2018 · #17

#16 @Louise Smith - You could, but it's -2 outside my window :) ...enjoy your Summer!

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Louise Smith 14/1/2018 · #16

Shall I compare you to a Summer's Day ?

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Louise Smith 14/1/2018 · #15

@Don Philpott☘️ Thank you I guessed you were but wanted to make sure
I joke a lot & have to be careful online with people I don't know as well as family & friends in Oz.
Many people are sueper sensitive
I agree bB is a lot different to FB & LI. I think people on bB are more genuine & less interested in make connections for making $
My weekend is nearly over hope yours isn't !

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Don Philpott☘️ 14/1/2018 · #14

Hi @Louise Smith - I'm only joking with you. I got your intent and logic and appreciate your comment. :) I do hold beBee to a higher standard than FB though - firstly because it has greater potential to be an effective distribution channel and secondly because the people who engage here are less avatar or "persona" driven - to a degree that is a management decision. The formula is more "real"...more warts n'all. Enjoy the weekend ! D

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Louise Smith 14/1/2018 · #13

#12 I'm very Sorry @Don Philpott☘️ I didn't know what to write
I thought about taking that out as I realised that perhaps it was not a positive meaning but didn't follow up
What would you say about your buzz if you were you compare it to something?
a Summer's day ?

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Don Philpott☘️ 13/1/2018 · #12

#11 FB like post know how cut deep! ;)

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