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Amazon Customer Reviews: Comparing Carista price, functionality and features.

Amazon Customer Reviews: Comparing Carista price, functionality and features.

When I first started taking business courses, the tutor explained to us the core constraints of price, scope and quality.

He said at the time; you can offer two, but rarely three, of those in one package. The cost of adding more features eats into your core functionality and the price of developing that function is essentially your market value. Your core function is what you price as your USP (unique selling point).

It is important to differentiate between function; what it is supposed to do and features; distinctive elements.

Let’s look at a recent example from an Amazon Customer review:

“Just got the Carista dongle the other day. I ordered it because I own an i-Phone and a VW. Carista allowed me to make some basic customization to my Volkswagen Golf. That was nice. However, as a real diagnostic tool, Carista appears to be limited to being a code reader/clearer.”

The person doing the review is comparing the Carista adapter to a “real diagnostic tool,” meaning comparing the feature set to a dealer level diagnostics device.

Having already stated that it offered customization for (her) Golf, the request is for a different price bracket level of functionality. Our device retails at $20 USD and a professional diagnostics tool starts at a much higher price point.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to read serial data or even access basic CARB info. The advanced package will tell you if all your emissions monitors have run, but that’s about it.

Again the customer requests functions which our device does not offer, before signing off with the same sentiment.

I was able to customize some stuff on my car. Otherwise, as an “advanced diagnostic tool,” I have to say Carista seems pretty limited.

The reply from our support team addresses these points directly:

Thanks for your feedback. The unique feature of Carista (diagnostics-wise) is that it can check and reset fault codes from all ECUs in the car, unlike pretty much all other apps that can only do standard OBD2 diagnostics. Carista does not have a feature to read live data and accordingly, we’ve never claimed to have such a feature in any of our descriptions or marketing materials. In terms of CARB info, Carista shows the emission test readiness status, which is what most people care about (and by the way, that feature is free, you don’t need Pro access for it). And of course, there’s the customizations, which is one of the main reasons why people buy Carista.
I should also note that Carista is not intended for professional use by mechanics. It’s intended as a consumer product (albeit an advanced consumer product), so the expectation should not be that it addresses all professional use cases. You wouldn’t use an iPhone camera to shoot a Hollywood film, would you? But for a consumer case, the iPhone camera is a 5-star camera (and for that use case, better than a huge professional film camera because it’s much easier to use, more portable, and much cheaper)

The response addressed the core functionality our product

The feature set (huge professional film camera v iPhone  "easier to use, more portable, and much cheaper")

and pricing (free v paid elements)

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Don, it has been my experience that folks will always want more and that leads to "feature creep" I've seen major corporations drop millions by trying to give a handful of reviewers a product that will not expand the basic audience. And so it goes.

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