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BeBee + MailChimp - The Honey Distribution Network

BeBee + MailChimp - The Honey Distribution Network

Owning the content distribution process is as valuable as producing great content. You know that BeBee is willing to distribute 100% of content to followers. There is an opportunity here that few other social networks offer ... organic reach multiplied by engagement, strategy and tools. As Lance 🐝 Scoular once termed it - "the power of cross pollination."

In one of my previous posts I told you that MailChimp and BeBee work well together. I explained the results, but not the how and why. Lets start with the why.  Point. 1. Using MailChimp, you can make very nice emails. Point. 2. Your initial free MailChimp account allows you up to 2000 subscribers. Point.3. If you subscribe to your own blog, you already receive a nice HTML template courtesy of BeBee.  

Point.4. If you use multiple email vendors - your mailchimp HTML export works well with most of the major players.  You can convert your HTML to jpeg, PDF or PNG using tools like convertio 

What I'm getting at is that the distribution options are nearly endless {No more points}. 

Most of the people who take the time to produce work on BeBee have other uses for that content. Many, (I'm thinking of forty or fifty people who come immediately to mind), are professional communicators of one form or another,  ad (wo)men, tutors, chefs, bankers, neurologists, academics, media types - all use this medium to propel a message ...there is added value in having more tools/ wider options.

One of the value propositions of MailChimp and BeBee is that they are both engagement platforms, designed to drive a message, attract an audience or build a public portfolio. You may not think of MailChimp as an archive, but it has solid tools.

I would say as a writing portfolio builder BeBee is a powerful tool (for three reasons) great SEO value, actual/real engagement, good post indexing interface (it works as an easy to search repository). Once that work has been created, it doesn't really go out of date.  So reuse, recycle, re purpose it.

 In my opinion - BeBee has some elements that are better than "old" Linkedin.  Don't get me wrong, there are no rose tinted glasses on my nose, but my feeling is that people are not "just" selling a persona. Candice doesn't seem to upset the BeBee crew that much, maybe if she hired Brian McKenzie to wear a bikini ...;)

Many people on this channel ran groups and published regularly on Linkedin - they see how good BeBee could be...the base is there. Those people have a powerful understanding of what worked before and how.  Messaging tools to keep in touch with subscribers was a major part of Linkedin groups, a win/win for group owners and committed contributors.

Note - The flipside often proves the rule. If you don't get much out of BeBee (or email for that matter), you're probably not putting much in; meaning generic posts, generic comments(if any), plastic persona and little by way of quality. One question I have on that is... is the reason fear of failure, lack of incentive, training issues or some combination? The people who drive engagement are already top communicators, not newbies - one for the BeBee comms team, I'd imagine.

Anyway, whether the push is toward your inbox, your public profile or your body of work, there are advantages to be had in combining email (bulk push notifications) and BeBee (content creation/social media distribution). 

How to do it

Subscribe to your/anyone's BeBee feed.

Take HTML - either copy/paste or dowload

Drop it in your MailChimp template

Edit template (far easier than you think - I will post a cheat sheet if you want one)


Watch the video ...I know it's not great, but it gives a flavor. Any tech queries, I'll answer. 

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