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Carista on YouTube - 500 Subscribers...The End of the Beginning.

Carista on YouTube - 500 Subscribers...The End of the Beginning.

We hit 500 subscribers on YouTube this week. It's not big, but it is a start. 

I haven't really discussed YouTube as an online marketing vehicle before. It has always been the behemoth on the social media landscape, for good reason. Take a look at the figures surrounding YouTube and you will be "blown away."

 I remember sitting down with Todor, the CEO of Carista and saying that YouTube is  the "territory where we meet our audience." At the time it may have sounded like marketing gibberish, but now we've got the analytics to prove it.

Nowadays, you can be a fan of someone that's not an actor or artist. You can be a fan of someone that makes YouTube videos. 
Cameron Dallas

Anyone who is good at YouTube puts time and effort into it. Two people I watch on YouTube, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, have spent many years uploading niche content that garnered paltry audience figures. They built a content library of material that is publicly accessible.  They both believe that YouTube is only just getting started as a entity, discussion platform and social utility. 

"The spoken word is now as powerful as the written word." 
Jordan Peterson

(Joe) Rogan and (Jordan) Peterson talk about not having to deal with ad breaks, the petty tyranny of producers, defining your own length, style and content. A global channel and a mobile audience. Audience is the wrong word, YouTube subscribers are active searchers and foragers, they know what they want. It's not words or web content, it's pure moving pictures, digestible in real time or at any time. 

The great thing about YouTube is there are no gatekeepers. No one is waiting to tell you if you're good enough. It's just your audience. 
Lindsay Stirling

First a caveat. Doing YouTube for business or doing YouTube as a commercial project on a standalone basis (monetizing your videos) is different from uploading content on a casual basis.  

Most "serious" YouTubers upload content on a consistent basis, developing a library of themes, topics and material...a brand, essentially, concurrently developing followers/subscribers for that message.

About Carista...

Till now, our content and presentation has not been consistent (I've been working on that). YouTube allows you to personalize the look of your channel in quite a few ways. *I'm not going to define those here, "the truth is out there."

Video is interactive and multi-sensory.

It is the "how to" channel.

Works well on mobile.

When I repost videos they receive double the hits that images do (even in Spanish).


I have a full suite of analytics tools plus Google Analytics and site analytics to back that up.

 I know you hate this word, but it is "free" at the point of use. This goes for the analytics, the editing suite and the monetization infrastructure on the back end. 

Commercial First Principles - Share your videos on other channels. 

Develop quality content. 

Customize the home page for new users and returning visitors 

Set up your playlists (people react well to themed material or followup videos on the same topic)

Use the editorial features..add cards, titles. 

Engage, it's not just a hosting site. The best YouTubers use the full array of tools available, from messaging, across to notifications, social sharing and commentary. 

Of, course once you get to the point of having a million followers things change a little. We're only just getting started. 

*Note: There are a million videos on "how to do YouTube" - they're all on YouTube.

Edith PR 5/8/2018 · #10

Never heard before about Carista. Interesting app. And channel. I like that someone (one person or team) really work on visuals for that YouTube channel.

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Mario Maldonado 30/7/2018 · #9

Si termino medio.

Mario Maldonado 30/7/2018 · #8

Si termino medio.

Don Philpott☘️ 27/7/2018 · #7

#6 Hi @Phil, very much appreciate the feedback. In the US market, we are constrained by the fact that Ford, Fiat/Chrysler, Nissan and Honda are brands we don't cover well (yet) check your car first. (if your model is supported, it's a great tool) Ref:

Phil Friedman 26/7/2018 · #6

@Don Philpott☘️ - This is a great device, particularly for those of us who are sufficiently competent to tinker, but lack the needed modern diagnostic tools to handle problems with contemporary automobiles. Amazon has these and I'm going to order one this weekend.for sure. Thanks. Best. Cheers!

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Don Philpott☘️ 25/7/2018 · #5

#4 Hi Mr. @Jerry Fletcher, All is going well alright..."steady as she goes." Thanks for commenting. Wishing you well, D.

Jerry Fletcher 25/7/2018 · #4

Don, Welcome to the wonderful world of on-line marketing where the investment is in skull sweat and off-line video development for that "free" hit. Looks like it is going well.

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Harvey Lloyd 24/7/2018 · #3

#2 making the complex understandable

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