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Friday Night Football : Calling the Ball

Friday Night Football :  Calling the Ball

Do you remember when Obama ordered a drone strike on a 16 year old American? Sure you don't.

A tiny little piece of news you might have missed due to the shitshow on TV.  

The full unredacted Flynn - Kislyak transcript was released this weekend.
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Full .PDF copy is below. It really only tells you how flimsy the frame job really was. The scam is really in how they fool you so easily. Nobody believes schiff, nobody trusts comey and only a fool would trust brennan, yet they lied directly into the camera constantly for the last four years. 

Some know that Judge E. Sullivan received an order from his commander to keep spinning this one out. Many don't know, or care, why a 30 year decorated three star general would be so badly hosed by the FBI, CIA and outgoing President. Why would a judge continue to prosecute via amicus briefs after being told by the DOJ that they were dropping the case?

A completely innocent man framed, wrongly pilloried for four years by establishment media outfits and now the same national media has the handy excuse of chasing after flash mobs to play ignorant and point the other way. Very convenient, don't you think? 

Main Stream Media 110% wrong and culpable once more, avoiding responsibility. Key players in the COD-19 con job, now trying to run their next scam: "Riot Porn." Key players in the impeachement scam. Key players in every scam for the last four years, but we knew that already, that is why we're here.

All the facts are available and all of them point to eggregious conduct, not by Trump and his team, but by his accusers, the "conspirators"running a shadow government till this very day. Brennan, Comey, Obama, Clinton and the rest.

By declassifying so many documents related to the case @RichardGrenell has done sterling work in lighting up the darkness. People like Flynn's current lawyer @SidneyPowell and his family have carried the load for the last three years. 

A wider community has been kept updated via @CatherineHerridge @TechnoFog @TraceyBeanz @DanBongino @FoolNelson @UndercoverHuber and plenty more, as the main protaganists hid, lied, destroyed lives and evidence.

General Flynn strongly opposed the Iran deal, was one of the first to address the Weiner laptop and it's contents. He is a big fish. A career intelligence officer before being picked by Trump for his incoming team. 

We now know he was framed not once, not twice, but three times, to get him, after the FBI initially signed off that they had no case to make.  It was/is a political hit job.

Why does Obama want the case to keep going? Because Flynn is an attack dog. Once he is finally unleashed he will go straight for the deepstate jugular. They know it. We know it.

Has the media confessed? Of course not, they are only there to keep you as stupid as possible, like @dim or slimeball @schiff. As propaganda outlets they will only twist and rehash the story, hence the useful idiot judge as a handy stop gap measure; "plausible deniability."

For those of you totally blind to what is going on, I credit your enthusiasm. For any real people out there, with even a smidge of integrity, the scales have got to be falling from your eyes at this point. 

The gig is up.


Postscript: If you're paying attention you'll see how far the scum have fallen off of their perch. At one time they controlled many assets (including some on this channel), now they are forced into using their army of dupes to pull ye olde anarchy scam. Don't believe me:

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